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Titan Collab

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I asked eQ to make me a sig and he did so but didn’t really like the outcome. Therefore, to help him out and get myself a sexy sig, I asked for the PSD and collabed it. Here’s the outcome. Thoughts?
Start: so3luw.jpg
End: 1405604740-U12444.png
Here is the link to the PSD with my adjustments if you want to try your hand at it as well: PSD

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Great work guys. Love the color change. The blue lighting additions are good too. The blur on the right side works nice too. The left side might have been better with it stayed sharp (but obviously it's personal preference). The text addition is really fuckin cool too.

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It sucks, they both suck, you both suck and should start over from scratch with Mason Richardson as the outcome.

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