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Keiji Toriyama spends his money


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The new VHL Player Store opened up just minutes ago, and the first player to make a purchase was Keiji Toriyama of the Vasteras Iron Eagles. When the new store was revealed a couple days ago, he knew almost instantly what he would get, in part because the selection was limited for a retiring player such as himself.


First, he bought for himself some press. In exchange for $1 million, the  VHL Magazine will feature a cover story on Keiji Toriyama. It probably won't be the most exhilarating piece of writing, but it will happen nonetheless.


Next, he paid $2 million to artificially give him more hockey experience. Unlike the magazine article, this might have an impact on his play in the upcoming season. However, this is not guaranteed, as experience is a skill that raises morale, and I don't believe it has ever been positively confirmed that morale makes a difference in the sim.


Toriyama also spent $1 million for the right to train more this week. He was granted permission to write two additional Fan590 articles, one of which you are reading right now. These cost him $500 thousand each.


He is left with $750 thousand in VHL money, which is no good anywhere else.

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