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Olsen Still Looking to Improve Pt 2


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Jarkko Olsen had one of the best seasons of his career, if not the best ever in S39. He was a top scoring option for the Dynamo, who brought home their 2nd Victory Cup in 3 years. Olsen will be looking to improve upon his totals once again. The now 7th year player secured his first bid as an All Star last year, taking him 6 years to do so. For the first time in his career, he was also nominated, and received votes for, two separate awards. He was up for contention for the Most Improved Player trophy, and the Playoff MVP trophy. Godavari Yumalatopinto and Lennox Moher won those respective trophies, and both are now teammates with Olsen after Godavari signed with Davos in the offseason.


Olsen has hit the point in his career where he is aging, however he is training harder than ever before. Entering his 7th year, he will actually be able to start the season in better shape than he did last year. After the annual "depreciation" where the league evaluates the players' individual ratings, Olsen will actually be at equal value in every category as last season, and improved in a couple. He had the same success last year, improving even while his age is starting to show. He will definitely have to work harder to manage to do that yet again, as he heads into his last season following this year. 


Olsen is still a valuable role player for Davos, not a standout star yet, but a fan favorite. He looks to be even better this year, and Davos fans will be glad to see that.

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