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Let's Pretend It's Midnight


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After Training Camp, Naomi Young has brought her Scoring to 85, and her Puck Handling to 90.  Her next step is to get her Defence to 95.  However, she needs exactly one more point to bring it to an even 94.  While this will come rather easily once Super Cup payout is figured out, she'd rather just get it over with quickly.


"Davos needs me in top form this season.  I have my work cut out for me.  My goal is to bring my Defence and Faceoffs to 95, and then I believe I should probably start protecting myself from being ravaged by old age,"  Young said in an interview with Pierre McGuire, who was obviously very uncomfortable due to his love of penis.  Pierre noted he missed the days where he would interview Harvey Singh, who is brown.


Word has leaked on the Internet that Naomi Young's long lost rookie profile has been found, and is supposed to surface within a fortnight.  Rumour has it Young also has her hand in a biography on ESPN, but it may take some time before it hits the stands.

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