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Davey to be on magazine cover?

Da Trifecta

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Despite the VHL having their own magazine, Davey will be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He was called and told about the chance he got and he was completely stoked when he heard the news. He decided that he was going to call a few of his friends to give them a heads up about it. He first called up long time friend, Tom Landry and told him about it. Tom was stoked and was caught saying "Congrats buddy. You definitely deserved to make the cover. Your hard work is something that has paid off." He quickly called Jarkko Olson and told him and he was quoted saying, "You are the heart of the front line. The whole team is behind you and supports your leadership. Just keep doing what you are doing and we will help along the way." After that, he knew he had to wait two weeks before it was published. He was going to buy up enough copies to give to everyone in the VHL. He didn't care if anyone wanted it or not, he was going to give it to them anyways.

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