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New York Dynasty 2.0


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The New York Americans made the playoffs for the first time in a couple seasons in S38. A season that saw them get humbled in the playoffs by Remy LeBeau and the Toronto Legion. But Season 38 could be the season the VHL historians mark as the beginning of a new Americans dynasty.


The last Americans dynasty saw them make the playoffs 11 times in a row. They made the finals more times than any other team in that run, however they only saw one Continental Cup win. That dynasty was responsible for bringing in some of the VHL's most elite talent. Hall of Famers like Daniel Braxton, Benjamin Glover, Tukka Reikkinen, Adam Schultz, Leeroy Jenkins, Alexander Labbate, Alexander Chershenko, Ryan Sullivan, Phil Rafter, David Smalling, Pavel Koradek, Jukka Hakkinen. Basically a who's who list of Hall of Fame inductee's over the last ten seasons. All of them spent some time on New York during this dynasty run. 


If you look at the Americans roster now, if you look at the quality of elite level players mixed with players entering their prime and youth and prospects. They look exactly like a team poised to make another long run. The team is headed by one of the leagues savviest General Managers in Chris Miller, and he always seems to find the best way to keep his team elite while getting ready for the future. He will remain tested in doing that as his prime players begin to age, but he has shown all signs that he can combat it. This New York Americans team could easily repeat or even top the 11 season record of the previous dynasty. However the current squad is hoping for more than one Continental Cup win in that time. 


The big question mark is how many players currently in this dynasty run will see the Hall of Fame. Tukio who spent his final season his best of his career on the Americans is a sure fire HoF player. Odin Tordahl is another that is sure to see Hall of Fame. But elite level player Wesley Kellinger is a name that could still go either way pending on the last two seasons of his career. But even looking at the players in or entering their prime. Conner Low, Tom Slaughter, Xin Xie Xao. All could be future Hall of Fame players. Low is looking more and more like a sure fire bet as each season passes. The big question mark in terms of elite level talent for this potential dynasty remains in net however. 


During the previous run the Americans enjoyed quality level play every season from Benjamin Glover. However after spending a year as a back up, many question whether Brick Wahl will be able to back stop a dynasty for several more seasons. Even if he does, he isn't as young as he once was, with only five more seasons in the league if the Americans hope to make the playoffs at least 10 more times they will need a new back stop at some point. 


Either way though, the chance of another American dynasty grows with each passing season. The fans and franchise that have enjoyed little Championship success will for now still be able to hold their hats on being one of the VHL's consistently elite teams. 

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