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Claimed:DOUG SCHNEIDER SPOTTED: Is He Coming Back?

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Doug Schneider Spotted

Is He Coming Back?


Former Victory Hockey League All-Star Doug Schneider was spotted near the league’s offices earlier today, sparking rumors about a potential return to the league. This is the first time Schneider has been connected to the VHL since his retirement. The four-time all-star had a profound impact on the league, even becoming a co-commissioner for a brief stint. Schneider was also one of the first players to assume a defense-first mentality, allowing his more offensive minded teammates to excel in the scoring department. That being said, Schneider still put up some incredible point totals for a defenseman, especially his fourth season in the league when he put up 100 points. Had it not been for Joey Kendrick’s astounding 134 points from the blue line that season, many hockey writers believe Schneider would have been the leading contender for the Top Defenseman award. During his six years in the VHL, spent with the Calgary Wranglers, Stockholm Rams, and Helsinki Titans, Schneider made it on the scoresheet 450 times with 98 goals and 352 assists. While it is certainly possible to make a case that Schneider should be in the Hall of Fame, those in charge of the decision did not see it that way: he was never strongly considered, and his name faded away as he lost contact with those within the league.



Schneider was always feared for the big hits he regularly threw


That was the case for 21 seasons. Today’s reappearance, however, has brought many new questions to light: Is Schneider planning a return to the league? Or is he back to make one final attempt to be forever enshrined in the Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame? While a full-length interview could not be scheduled on such short notice, Schneider did answer some quick questions for us earlier today.


On the topic of his potential return, Schneider denied any involvement in the league. “They have a great thing going, and after so many years away, I’m happy to watch and see what happens.” So what was the reason for his return? “It gives me great pride to tell you that [schneider’s eldest son] Danny is beginning his VHL career today. We’ve discussed all of his career options, and he’s decided that this route will be the best for him,” Schneider responded with a big smile on his face. “He and [younger brother] Brandon have been watching my old game tapes for years, and have made it a dream of theirs to someday hoist the Continental Cup. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bran join the league when he gets old enough.” That could be a ways down the road, however, as Schneider’s youngest son is only 12. The defenseman also has a 14-year-old daughter.



Schneider celebrating his second Continental Cup victory with sons Danny and Brandon


When asked about Danny’s playing style, Schneider could not appear any prouder. “He’s just like me, but bigger. And probably better. Might be hard to believe, but I actually have to look up when we’re speaking.” We’ll have a full profile on the all-star’s son in the next few days, but if his father can be believed, VHL forwards had best keep their heads on a swivel.


As for the Hall of Fame lobbying rumors? “Yeah, I’m not going to comment on those,” Schneider replied, the smile disappearing from his face. It seems that at this point, Danny may be the Schneider family’s best hope for achieving that milestone.

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