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You may have noticed in the past that I tend to get a good chunk of recruits every year or so. I want to share an idea I came up with after looking through multiple sim leagues, our very own VHLM system and after watching some Marketing ad on youtube before I finally got to "Birthday" by Katy Perry.


So as some of us know, the SHL has a great and easy time collecting new members for their site. The sheer volume of members signing up during their recruitment drives is amazing. However, over here we do things a tad differently when it comes to recruitment. We don't get quite the volume they do, but we do retain a larger percentage of our members. That simply means the quality and length of a members stay may be longer during his initial singing up process. So what does that have to do with the future? A lot.


Retainment; to continue to hold or have.


Now retainment is one of the easiest ways to expand and grow our VHL community. Why? Because all it is is attracting some members that may have gone inactive or simply clicked on the site, signed up and had no clue what to do. I as well as many others here seem to talk up new members through chat or PM. If you search the VHL by this button:


Screen_Shot_2014_07_25_at_5_48_30_PM.png(Found in the top right hand corner)


Then it will bring up this menu on the left hand side:




You can see who just signed up, how many posts they have and even the date they signed up. I encourage anyone to view this every once and awhile and see guys who haven't posted once. PM them or see if they are online and try to coach them through. Also when they do create their player, ask where they came from in addition to who recruited them. It is easier to get ahold of them the next time around. Boom and the rest of the Welcoming committee can't always be online, so it's great if the entire VHL community can help these new guys out. But there is more!


Sterling will be introducing an August recruitment drive that has large incentive with grabbing new members from other boards. Before he does that though, I figured I would let you in on a non-time consuming way of getting members and also getting some TPE into your sweet sweet update threads. Listed in the second post of this thread are the current members name and anyone who was recruited by that "inactive" member. I encourage you to contact them via PM, Email, real-life or any other way you know you can contact them. Hint: Going to the site/forum you found them on is also one of the best ways of getting them back. While you are there see if you can update or post a VHL link somewhere.


Any questions, PM Sterling, Kendrick or ask below. Happy Hunting VHL'ers!


One last thing, go here and Upvote it/Comment on it! http://redd.it/2b9i10

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Current Active Member Name
Recruit (Current/Past Player) *Location


BagelBites (DuJuan Cook)

JRyan44 (James Ryan)

Dooley (Cassius Dooley)

Cawa (Alexander Stepanov)

JJLangabeer (John Langabeer)

Reckless Abandon (Jason Waterfalls)

hockey17jp (Jacob Peterson)

Rehn (Rehn Miller)

Harr1son56 (Lucas Smith)

Obsidian311 (Oliver Closoff)

Hallhopkinseberle (Jordan Hall)

kebrik (Captain Bacon)

Kovy17 (Reggie Dunlop)



ByrdeMan (Krisoffer Ruud)

marty (Cody Nichushkin)

Essbee (Matti Auvinen)

Greeningific (Cameron Greening)



JoBa (Joseph Baker)

JohnTavares91 (Alexander Clapperton)



Underoath10 (Edgar Balthazar)

WouldYouKindly (Jack Ryan)

Runny Nose (Kai Randal)

malcontentcapsfan (Mathieu Perrault)



LBC (Mike Jones) *SHL

Diesel (Nicolas Stormborn)

#MTA (Hashtag Manning)



briten29 (Dexter Jonty)

bmarcel19 (Xavier Troup)



Ursa (Matthew Jay Banks)



Flames1848 (Mike McGratten)

elitedangler (Mikhail Mikhailovich)



lemieux66lemieux (Tobias Funke)

Secord92 (Moe Mills)

Alex (Roland Brice)



Beast Mode (Guy Lukovski)

Shaka (Landon Roberts)

Tits McGee (Markus Andrelli) *SSN



dshervill (Braxton Hunter)

snipealldaylong (Willie Weber)



Nick (Dan Cooper)



Sublimeknight (Bo Reinhart) *Canucks.com

Justdean10 (Leo Dalton)



vdubs90 (John Otter) *Reddit

Patrick39 (Josh Bennett) *Twitter

jesterx7769 (Jack Griffith)

McNeil (Riley Stevens)

pat_j_04 (Gabrial Johnson)

tremblay.danny (Dan Tremblay)

Catch22 (Markus Klingemann)



Drizz (Milan El Shaaraway)

P r i c e 31 (Mikael Eriksson) *Higgins

GB_10 (Pavol Ottosson) *Higgins

Just_McC02 (Justt McCauley)



Fisher20 (Scott Riley)


Austin Gow

Syraz (Matt Gilbert)


Da Trifecta

The Fighter (Rocky West)



Petr Janus (Petr Janus)



Goaltender344 (Jamie Shetler)



ZigZag (Patrik Rolinek)


David Knight

McJones (Walter Mitty)

Kullumnati (Bossman Johnson)




Snappy (Mikko Leskonen)

Jesster (Christian Thorstrom)

Barber (Jack Voratek)

TickledPink (Haggard Slobban)

Parise9 (Brandon Merritt)

great_save_luongo (Henrik Larsson)

KCCO (Michael Haan)

marleau_12 (Jeevan Samuelsson)

Seattle w33d (JaKobe Hunter)

Dan (Dan Jones Jr.)

flyboy212112 (Ugot Change)

Eidorb (Ondrej Cajanek)

leafssteen (Dizzy Dean)

Nucker (Alex Sven-Lakatos)

Arik (Darius Fisher)

crmackay13 (Mikael Lindberg)

BLUEBLOOD (Connor Elliot

seanyc (Atticus Von Braxton)

dman29 (Willie Kutyanutzov)

NBecker15 (Nick Becker)

Despaties (Kevin Despaties)

joelwheels (Joel Wielenga)

Drakalor ('Reficul 1134)

LVShark (Cody Inko)

Solduc77 (Krill Lokomotiv)

Quik (Matteo Gallo)

Nad The Bad (Chad Werek)

th3captain (Cap Walters)

Lehner (Olli Brunnstrom) *Google

Claudio (Mario Corvia)

tay0214 (Hattrick Shwayze) *Claudio

Cretetts (Boone Cassidy)

Dion (Frederik Ernst)

elliotegg (Queen Latifah)

Adamsv7 (Gordan Bombay)

dabs (Dabs Ondabs)

Ace (Kaspars Tsizling)

Kraphf (Prizza Dringus)

UateBeast (Akila Beast)

JBlaze (Seth Rollins aka. Mike Boss)

CanucksFan (Ludovic Kabambi)

DanitQC (Daniel Kreutzer)

dougiedaniels (Herman Mudgett)

matthewlemire (Matthew Lemire) *crazylemire

Lightdeath (Mark Sanders)

mnskater (Andrew Sorenson)

WheelSnipeParty (Antoine Sauve)

Handling (Mirko Draisatl)

Nuka (Noah Jackson)

swoosh (Tihon Kalstad)

idot (Emma Watson) *SHL

Joester09 (Josef Andersson) *SHL

JumpierPegasus (Franz Monster) *SHL

SomeCanadian (Henrik Hedman) *SHL

jCousins12 (Jordan Cousins) *SHL

MacH (Daniel Acker) *SHL

The Number 1 (Lauris Prikulis) *SHL

Wadey (Razzle Dazzle) *SHL

Buster (Andrew Jihad) *SHL

Jaden20 (Jaden Button) *SHL

Defenseman x10 (Chris Serpe) *SHL

Ramicus (Eli Ben-Lev) *SHL

JMHockey (Matt Reilly)

Zach (Dale Kent)

@dam (Adam Harris)

badvintage (Lars Lessio)

Backlun (Blake Knight)

jphinney (Jeff Phinney)

Gamingexpertzcom (Vladimir Bodnar)

Mira (Matthew Mira)

Cowboy (Remy Devereux)

TheBear (TotallyNot ABear)

WoldenGhore (Markus Bjorkstrand)

Apollo (Peter Keller)

Taurus (Ryan Barrett) *SBA

LeBron King Gonzalez (LeBron King Gonzalez) *SBA

marshall_22 (Ashton Galbraith)

Chad (Spud Murphy)

TheDanglingCellist (Alfred Leskowski)

francis2466 (Jarome Ritchie)

The Mystical Cha (LaMichael Charmander)

FURY (Dylan Raseri) *Recruited by Bailey?

Roqueginger (Mikael Svensson) *Reddit

Ruski (Vasily Miroshnychenko) *Reddit

Vas0917 (Alex Vaklav) *Reddit

dfreak (David Sharp) *Reddit

RandomHero (Jakob Linholm) *Reddit

mr.pringle (Walt Pringle)

.cLassic (Aaron Hartley) *HFBoards

jeben23 (Fredrik Andersson) *HFBoards

hockeynerd67 (Kitsune Yamasaki) *HFBoards

DS1 (Nathan Levander) *HFBoards

JORDAN22 (Vincenzo Valentini)

Kitnox (Santeri Heikela)

MaxwellDorian (Maxwell Dorian)

King Heffy (Phillip McCracken) *Canucks.com

Mikeyboy44 (Mike Lein) *Canucks.com

forest322 (Forrest Josef) *Canucks.com

Really (John Heffney)

Daug (Andrej Hasek) *Twitter

The Q (Earl Parker)

ErectionForOvechkin (David Hall)

Aether (Kristian Stormborn)

Edited by Kendrick
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