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I describe the first three people to respond


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[First responder] is one of my favorite members in the league. He and I have a bit of a history together, and it's always been a joy to see him in the league. He isn't the most active, and he is certainly a quiet member, but that's fine. I think I am a bigger fan of his graphics than most, but that's not to say that others don't recognize them as good. In terms of team success, he has not had much luck with any of his players. He is one of those members who I doubt anyone could say that they dislike. In all of these things, he is much like James.


[second responder] has been a vital member to the league in its recent history. His rise to prominence seemed somewhat sudden, in my opinion, but he has been a very active player from the time that he joined. He puts forth more effort for the league than most, and we should all be grateful for what he has done. The work he puts in has resulted in very successful players. He's a very fun member to have in the league. If he sticks around, there is no reason at all to worry about the future of the league. One might say that he is peculiarly similar to Higgins.


[Third responder] is someone who has taken a lot of criticism. Some of it I would have to say has been warranted, but I think a large part of it is people taking a ride on the hate train. He's an active member, though, and I rarely see him being disrespectful to others. You certainly can't say that he doesn't try. While he has been active in the league, he has always been someone who seems to bring in a lot of new members, although several of them turn to depth players at best, but that's just fine. Another VHL member that he compares to is Corco.

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