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Claimed:Komarov starts strong in VHLM

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                                                 Komarov helps lead Oslo


Komarov fresh off a super cup victory came to Oslo with a confidence that has helped lift his play to a high level. His play has been everything that was advertised so far, he leads his team in hits,shots blocked, and PIMs. Every time hes on the ice hes making an impact an he has not been afraid to play a big game an get his hands dirty. At the beginning of the year had you asked the Storm if they would be leading the European division most would say no, Now 8 games in the sit 2nd in the conference 2 points behind with a game in hand. They have had key contributions from Komarov, Light, Klose who appear to be the teams front runners for wearing a letter on this team. The Storm are not as deep as many teams and there are still many questions of if they can keep this high play up. However Komarov states they will they may not win the division but he promises fans that they will play every game to win an not just give up because they were seen as underdogs.




Those are bold words for a young rookie but if his play so far is any indication they will certainly compete night in and night out. Early in the season Komarov has amassed 26 hits, 14 shots blocked, 14PIMs, those were stats everyone expected to see high up there. What they did not expect was his offensive production. Through eight games Komarov has amassed six points from the back end something he was not known for when he came over to North America. its expected that the offensive production will not be sustained, however he can keep producing at a high level offensively Oslo could really surprise a few teams and hold down a playoff spot when the season winds down.



Komarov credits his improves offensive output to his defensive partner Light they both have worked hard together and helped improve each others weak points.This has made them one of the deadliest combos in the league and both are still young and improving if they return to the VHLM the could be the deadliest defense pairing in the VHLM. They both are strong in the opposite area which makes them a deadly combo that can shut down, and produce offense from the back end. When teams play Oslo they know they will need to make this pairing ineffective or they stand no chance in victory. Something teams early on have not been able to do as Light is among the top defenders in points, Well Komarov is close to the top in almost every other major category for a defenders well many ahead of him have played more games played.

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Good read, bud! You've been playing great so far and I expect that to increase and increase as the season goes on, and Komarov gets better. I really think Oslo could end up surprising a few people this season. It's been great having you on the team and I look forward to spending the rest of the season, if not longer, with you.


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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