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Rookie Waldron Outperforming His Squad


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He has a record of 2-8-0, putting him behind two career backup goalies on the wins list.  His goals against average is good for eighth in the league of ten teams.He has spent four of fourteen games on the bench.


Why, then, is Brock Waldron being touted as a possible Rookie of the Year?


Because he's good.


In the ten games Waldron has played, although his team has only won two, Waldron is giving an exciting preview of things to come.  His save percentage of 0.929 is good for first place in the entire VHL by a significant margin.  His Quebec squad is largely considered the worst team in the entire VHL, yet night after night he keeps them alive, and all that despite having only one good defender, Niklas Valiq, on the blueline in front of him.


He will only get better with time, and his team will obviously also improve, but if the start of this season is to be believed then Brock Waldron is going to move himself into the upper echelon of VHL stars very soon.

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