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Claimed:Salvador Goes Wild

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It has not taken long for Saskatoon's second round draft pick Gunzerker Salvador to make his mark in Season 39. In just 13 games, Salvador has helped the Wild to an 11-2 record. His 19 points have made the first defensive line for the Wild a force to be reckoned with. Second in the league in defensive points, behind line mate Mason Richardson, has pushed Salvador to improve his game even further. The two have an interesting dynamic in the locker room. While it is well known throughout the league that their teamwork as a unit is superb, there is an intense rivalry between the two off the rink, and with this rivalry comes respect.



While Salvador and Richardson may not be best friends,

there is undoubtedly plenty of respect between the two.


Salvador: "Yeah, me and Mason have an interesting relationship. It started rough when he thought I wanted to be taken under his wing as a player, and I just wanted to be seen as an equal part of our tandem. Things got rough once in a while, and physical more than once. We learned to get along after seeing each other play after a while though. He learned that I  could hold my own on defense, and I learned that he had a lot to teach me. We eventually made a bet that one of us had to win the defensive player of the year, and the loser has to tie himself to goal posts for the other one to take arget practice at. Kind of like Goldberg in Mighty Ducks, without the pads."


So far the two are neck in neck in the race for points, with Richardson holding a slight lead after 13 games. Salvador holds a slight advantage in defensive stats though, and it has the race pretty close early on. The race is only heating up as the season progresses as well. As the chemistry between the two grows, expect their stats to increase.


Richardson: "It dpesn't matter how we do it. My assist to his goal, or his assist to his goal; it gets the same results.  We win games. That is what the goal is. Would I like an award at the end of the season? Of course I would, but it isn't something that I'm going to let hurt the team on the ice. Me and Salvador have to lead this team if we want to win the Founder's Cup this season, and I think we honestly have a chance to do it."



Will the fight for defensive player of the year tear the Wild apart?

Or will it give them the drive to win everything?


Who do the fans think will win the Award? Will the front runner Mason Richardson come away with the trophy that may rightfully be his? Or will newcomer Gunzerker Salvador steal the thunder from under Richardson's cloud of glory? Or could some unknown dark horse sneak in and rip the trophy from the hands of the two men in a dangerous game of tug of war on the same team?

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Content: 3/3

Good read. I can totally see Salvador and Richardson going at it. That Salvador guy was a total dick last season on Yukon ;)


Grammar: 2/2

Just one:


dpesn't = doesn't


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good to me.


Overall: 6/6

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