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Ok I better hurry up here and get myself tpe before it’s to late to claim . Well sims have been happening and quite truthfully in the most blunt way Cowboy Prout has sucked. My feeling on this after how I played last season I think the overload of talent Calgary has with the minutes spread out the way it is that Cowboy isn’t putting the numbers up for what the sim likes. I remember hearing Spartan say Defencemen don’t perform individually when there’s others on the team for whatever the reason is that the sim don’t like as it doesn’t makes sense in my eyes but it is STHS I’m talking about. 

My theory/ take on it is you’d think with Calgary’s roster got better and higher tpe that Cowboy Prout would be quite good and tearing it up. But the sim doesn’t make sense that it just picks up others and all don’t perform to what they should or better but worse in a larger scale or margin. If we had a better sim engine would Cowboy Prout be a better player stats wise? I guess we’ll never know would we. It’s kinda disappointing to be fair like i just thought this would of been my season in the league to make a name for myself as a user but I’ve been awful. My trend was going on the right direction every season so I thought for sure I’d be over ppg defender and defensively a solid rock. 

The whole being a minus player and just with how my build is I just don’t know what else to do or add at this point cause I need to bank tpe and my build looks pretty solid give or take and I just have no idea why I can’t stand out or be a “house hold name” that made a impact this season. It’s just confusing on what I could of done differently or added/ subtract. I keep looking at other players builds and how there team that there on is built. Maybe if I was on a struggling team my individual stats would be better? Maybe even individual trophy worthy?  It’s what I’ve had to ask myself while I do want to win with Calgary as I want to do my part for the team but it don’t make any sense on how good players stats get effected on a good team like they’d be better with everyone playing on better lines no? Well STHS is laughing knowing that logic is throwing it out the window cause STHS does what he wants! 


Anyways that’s all for now cause it’s late and I just want tpe to add to myself to be more shit cause fuck logic right?!? That’s the mindset of STHS. But seriously I just wanted to understand how it works cause anything I see doesn’t add up to what you’d think or should. But I think I’ll try to figure out a way for my next player to have a balanced build that’ll be effective on any team 

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