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Armani traded


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From the Ottawa Sports Newspaper written by Scott James:

In a surprising move the Ottawa Lynx have at the very least temporarily traded Armani Calamari to the Philadelphia Reapers. The deal includes the clause that Ottawa controls his rights and can get him again provided he does not go into the VHLE next season. We shall see what else comes up from this new interesting development...



From the Philadelphia Sports Newspaper written by Jack Johnson:



Armani Calamari's return to Philadelphia adds another piece to a Philadelphia team gunning for a title. He was welcome back to the Reapers home stadium with open arms as well with the crowd giving him a huge ovation when he got onto the ice. Quote the man himself:



"I did kind of miss Philadelphia and I am very happy with the deal overall. The clause where I have the possibility of returns to Ottawa is a very big plus in my eyes as I do not feel like I have completely left them high and dry. I cannot see the future however so at the moment I am just working on getting that title for Philadelphia."



Philadelphia will be gunning for that title alright and the next few weeks should be extremely exciting.

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