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  1. The algorithm knows we’re all equal, some are just more equal than others
  2. Oh I am pumped. I’ve heard from more than a few people inspired to take their double vaccines and make up for lost lockdown time. That’s so great you get to go back to the before times and pick up where you left off, even if it’s just a 1/3 of the experience. So friggin cool. As for your TPE, as long as your media spot is posted in the week, you can back claim it for the week. If you recorded 4 weeks worth of podcast claims today, you could disappear for a month and claim those weeks when you get back. I believe it has to be claimed in the same season, but that might be an exception
  3. I luv much cuntreee so much I refuse to contribute anything to it For real I’m a big fan of taxes and believe they’re so important to maintaining a functioning society because government is the only organization spends money on essential but not-profitable things
  4. bigAL


    Sonnet dude, you’ve gotta give yourself some credit. You were the freakin VHLM Commissioner! That’s history-book stuff! You were a Governor, you helped create the VHLE. You were the champion of the super earner, skip-the-E track! You got shit done. It’s always hard to see the forest when you’re just a tree, but I hope this thread sheds some light on how the rest of the community sees you. You’re a friggin beauty that absolutely did good things here. It’s frustrating to feel like your efforts are unappreciated, and I can’t deny the merch store struggles fall under that category, but
  5. As you grow up, you learn that the real meaning of life is tax avoidance.
  6. Making a thinly veiled trade request two days after the trade deadline? That’s a galaxy brain move.
  7. The asylum lets me out for fifteen minutes of fresh air each day as long as I promise not to take the straitjacket off
  8. Ah this is what I was trying to ask at recess yesterday before I got pulled away, I figured you had some algorithm to scrape all the data automatically. Manually typing names in is fun too, it’s a nice little trip down memory lane x200. I’m jealous of all the 2-4 letter name for getting a giant font. Ironic, I’d be bigger if I was just AL and not bigAL.
  9. Fuck those bottom feeder teams that go on runs after they sell at the deadline edit: yes, DC lost twice to Toronto......
  10. I can’t tell if you two are the best of friends or the worst of enemies
  11. Such a sad day. It’s been a wild ride, and we have one more chance to get over the hump. We’re all so glad you chose to come back to DC in free agency, clearly it’s a special place. Bonne chance M. LaFlammant, Sven has a great mentor to look up to now!
  12. In the Socialist Republic of Canadia, it’s got to be a minimum of $20 to a registered charity to get a tax break. They’d be close to losing money on a $5 credit card transaction.
  13. This feels like when I was a closeted Runescaper at your age. I finally had to come out when I wanted to buy the premium version so I could unlock the rest of the map. I got a LOL NO answer from my dad and we never spoke of the R word again. Moral of the story: it’ll be more than a few years before you ever get the donation perks