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  1. Hi Eli, how many more days until you’re allowed on discord?
  2. 2 goals on 18 shots vs LA... no I’m not talking about DC, that’s Groovy Dood’s stat line!
  3. You know your skills and weaknesses best as a GM, so what do you look for in an AGM - Well, y’know, you gotta get yourself an AGM with a unique set of skills that can fill all your holes. Is it true you had your last captain murdered and buried behind the rink? - Well, y’know, you’ve gotta get yourself an AGM with a unique set of skills that can fill in all your holes. What’s more lively after a win, the managers office or the locker room showers? - Well, y’know, you’ve got to get yourself an AGM with a unique set of skills that can fill all your holes.
  4. We creative types inspire each other, collaboration not competition
  5. Oh yes of course, I should've prefaced the article with the fact that I was only looking at S72+ because that's when I got here, ergo that's the only timeframe that matters. and not mention that I thought the DC expansion was S72 and was too Monday dum to fact check that
  6. Week 4: Theme Week Edition 1. What's your favourite VHL what if... moment? 2. I wrote my What if... about the S75 DC run to the Finals. What's your memory of that season? 3. What would happen if you had never discovered sim leagues...? 4. Trade deadline has come and passed, and DC BOUGHT despite being in the bottom of the standings. What advice do you have for our new Dragon friends, Jay Jones and Ryan Schwarz? 5. If we had been sellers, where would you like to be traded to? 6. Now that we have evolved to our final form, where do we finish in the standings?
  7. Me too, I wouldn't trade our run for anything! Cheers KC!
  8. I love RJ, I love Hex, and I love this. Hockey players are so damn boring. Get pucks deep, roll four lines, be hard to play against, yawn. I don't want to see anyone get fired or pressured out of a job, but Hex recognized himself he wasn't doing the job he wanted to do and needed to step down. I know how hard that is, I went through the exact same process in Miami. Ideally, this will lead to some change for the better. GMs are taking note of what powerful first gens are looking for in a team. RJ specifically knows what he needs in an AGM now, someone hyper active. Every manager has different s
  9. HAAAAA that's amazing. Let's just let Google's RNG run the lottery tournament this season.
  10. woah that's fucked up. yeah I don't know the history of the meme or anything but it always kinda made me uncomfortable cause you're such a great guy and definitely not hateful. I hope you can find ways to make life here fun because the VHL is definitely a better place with you in it. Town of London game soon??
  11. Thanks dude, I like to make words with my mouth and my fingers. It's great when you can write serious things without taking it very seriously at all. If you make work fun, you'll never work for TPE in your life!
  12. Heh that was the S72 roster, and you're a prospect who is just a super guy so that makes you a super prospect
  13. What if Eno had a Brain? Big brain or no brain? Eno Rama, the legendary GM of the DC Dragons, the only GM of the DC Dragons, is one groovy dude. He does stuff, he does things, and sometimes occasionally even does GM things. But the real question is: does he do smart things? I don't think I'm revealing any state secrets here. It's widely known that Eno has a thing for first-gens. He exclusively spends his first-round picks on first-time-round players. As a first gen, I think it's great; as a member invested in the long-term success of the league, I think
  14. Doooooood good stuff!