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  1. bigAL

    TOR/MOS; S80

    Ahhh, I definitely thought it meant if he doesn’t return to Toronto, like if you don’t trade him back or something. Trading for IA rights with the plan on getting them active again is genius, love it.
  2. bigAL

    TOR/MOS; S80

    Ha what? Are you planning on just renting him til the TDL?
  4. What a cool idea, good one VSN! Also, check that very Groovy Boulet hat trick 👁 👁
  5. bigAL

    VHL Rule Book

    Change Log (2021.09.19) - Edited section 4.3 regarding inactive UFA claims. Top priority teams no longer automatically get a player they claim. Players have 24 hours from a claim being submitted on them to make a TPE Update and become an active free agent.
  6. It's true, L plays for Toronto. Here's the rulebook: Sure, London made an offer, but Toronto has the highest priority and therefore they can instantly swipe any IA UFA they want. They 'earned' that right. Yes, this is meant to protect teams with higher priority from losing out on players because of timing, and hasn't ever had to be applied to a player trying to exercise their right to free agency. But, as we can see, L is still inactive: Screenshot from 4:30pm CEST Sept 19 L is inactive because there hasn't been a TPE Update from 30 days before Free Agency opened. Even if he came back today and pressed the Practice Facility button, he'd still be eligible to be signed as a IA UFA because Free Agency is already opened. We'll change the rulebook to reflect a situation where a player updates after Free Agency opened and provide a 24 hour window for players to 'activate', resulting in getting their actual UFA rights back. But, those aren't the rules this season, and he didn't do a TPE update anyways. We're going to revise them to clarify the change from inactive to active, and include a 24 hour window after the claim is submitted where IA players can activate, but for today them's the rules. L is now the only best D for the Toronto Legion.
  7. bigAL


    The thing that gets me is that this is happening. Like, next week. Hypotheticals are almost over, we’re so close to having evidence and concrete examples to analyze. Can we chill on the theoretical, non-constructive criticism for a bit? I get that it’ll take 6-9 seasons to get a full scope of what we’ve done here, and so we won’t get fully validated for a while, but can we at least try it first? We’ve identified full rosters as a problem close to a calendar year ago. We’ve discussed possible solutions in the BoG for months. There are dozens of pages of discussions, many of which you were involved in. We’ve fine-tuned, tinkered, and identified and solved hypothetical issues for a long time. We announced it, and opened up a “VHLE Questions” thread that further explained the league and gave the community opportunity to raise important questions. I know you’ve been gone, I’m not shaming you for that, but a lot of people have put a lot of thought and a lot of effort over a lot of time before, during, and after your leave. We’re trying something new, and that’s scary. I know it wasn’t your idea. I know you weren’t convinced behind closed doors. I know you don’t think it’ll work. I feel like there’s nothing we could do that would make you believe it’s a good idea. But don’t you want us to succeed? Because persuading people that it’s stupid and it’s going to suck and you should hate it, one week before go time, is not setting anyone up for success. Just, chill. The structure is built, let’s just see what happens when we press play. Give us the benefit of the doubt that we actually thought about this and want it to succeed. Trust that we’re not purposefully trying to tank the league. Believe we can identify and solve unexpected problems as they come up. Things take time, but no one wants to wait. Just, chill. We’ll find out what happens so, so soon.
  8. bigAL

    Jaromir Jagr

    Groovy Dood - SC
  9. Toronto somehow loses the lotto…. Twice?! That’s impressive, even by Toronto standards. Oof.
  10. My counsel has provided the following advice:
  11. That’s what you do for a living? How much is his mom paying you?
  12. If your team won the Cup, would you buy a shirt or a hat or a mug with the logo on it? 👀 

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    2. .sniffuM


      the warsaw tattoo concept is nearing its final stages, and best believe it's gonna be hot enough to be worth the wait

    3. BOOM


      Is it a face tattoo? 

    4. rory


      yeah i would

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