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  1. Don't let facts get in the way of a good narrative. It looks like an ego/entitlement thing, not a practical thing. "Why does everyone else get to know but me??" dressed up as "I needed to prepare for the expansion draft" thing.
  2. How come when we win it's always close and when they win it's a massacre?
  3. I'm loving all this forum activity. I have like 5+ notifications every time I log on!

  4. I think especially with @Banackock's "recruitment" drive of the old guard, it can be worth it to grandfather the new-olds into the welfare-pension program. Obviously the goal is full engagement with capping and creating media spots, but that's not always realistic. We can incentivize them to come back by making life easier for them, not harder.
  5. The more I think about this, the grumpier I get. Yes. Full stop. Like we said in the forum/discord debate, we can be both. Surprise, the sim league experience is more fun, rewarding, and retaininging(?) when you bond and become friends with the people around. I think it's been extra important as our lives outside the house have shut down because 2020. If your first complaint is that people have brought their social lives into the VHL, then that's super shitty. We're not some 9-5 job where we're all "coworkers" and can't share our personal lives, interests, and hobbies with each
  6. Aren’t shots supposed to go IN the net?? Shots 1 2 3 T D.C. Dragons 5 5 8 18 Vancouver Wolves 22 23 12 57
  7. Vote Tracker: Jorg - 7 (TLO07, Ricer, AL, omg, Hatter, osens, Spartan) 10 to lynch!
  8. Vote tracker: Jorg - 3 (TLO07, Ricer, bigAL) 18 people alive, not sure of the threshold for lynching. Probably need 10 votes?
  9. I think I follow the logic of the VOTE JORG (yes that's a vote) movement. Does that mean that Jiggly is suspicious too? Caboose and Barzal are already confirmed good, but if I was mafia sometimes I'd "visit" my fellow mafia so there's no counter claim.
  10. Do we lynch the exe or keep him around hoping he votes with us when we get to maf lynching time?
  11. DC trading their first round pick? I'd love to get the rumour mill investigating that one.
  12. PLAYOFF HYPE EDITION! 1. How did you feel about how you as a player performed this season? I'm thrilled with the hot streaks we had. Dood-Laflamme-Ricky were a force at times, and we'll look for more production and consistency next season. 2. What are your playoff expectations? Sweep the Wranglers, bring the #1 seed to a Game 7, and hope like hell Wolski steals us a game. 3. Do you think the team performed up to expectations we had in the preseason? I think we were afraid of underperforming at the start of the season. Our hot streaks and our play