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  1. Aight, here we go. I'll keep this post up to date with picks: 1. Gritty F - F - F - D - D - G - 2. Ferk F - F - F - D - D - G - 3. Beketov F - F - F - D - D - G - 4. Thad F - F - F - D - D - G - 5. AL- Group Manager F - F - F - D - D - G - 6. gorlab F - F - F - D - D - G -
  2. ffs fishy I was going to ask gorlab to pick for me this year
  3. bigAL


    These two comments are showing lack of respect for what the Halifax 21 name actually represents or maturity on the commenters part. ah no, no disrespect, just a numbers joke. Dil did a great job, he was my first GM when I got here
  4. And that's a wrap! Thank you very much to everyone who made this tournament happen, especially @Josh for literally making the tournament happen by simming, @rjfryman for putting up with me not knowing anything, all the GMs who put the teams together and gave our VHLers of the future a ride they'll never forget. We'll see you back here, same time, same place, for the S76 World Junior Championships!
  5. ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM: F - Pistil Stamen, Team World @DMaximus F - Justin Lose, Team USA @youloser1337 F - Its Gucci, Team USA @frescoelmo D - Chicken Wing, Team World @chikn D - MuffBeav, Team USA @.sniffuM G - Kunibuni UnGuri, Team World @Berocka
  6. TOURNAMENT MVP: From Team World, the tournament scoring leader with 19 points in 10 games:
  7. GOLD MEDAL Team World GM: @JigglyGumballs Captains: Pistil Stamen@DMaximus Phoenix Dawson@Toast RJ Thatcher@jhatty8 SILVER MEDAL Team Europe GM: @Ledge_and_Dairy Captains: L @gorlab Jeff Odinson @GoldGear88 Artair McCloud @Hoopydog BRONZE MEDAL Team Canada GM: @fromtheinside Captains: Robert Bouchard @Gaikoku-hito Dominic Gobeil @domg5
  8. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: The Gold Medal Game. The heroics of the semi-finals set up a rematch of the S74 tournament: Team Europe, defending champs, taking on their rivals Team World. Like everyone expected, this was a tough, tight match-up. Team World had no intention of taking home silver again this year. Chicken Wing @chikn got the World on the board in under 2 minutes, and they never looked back. Dolant Fertitta @Dolantgot one back for the Europeans (assisted by future Hall-of-Fame D pairing R and L @Kylrad and @gorlab), but those three Europeans were the only ones wh
  9. The Medal Games Losses by both Team Canada and Team USA set up an all-North American Bronze Medal Game. Neither team was happy to be there, and it showed in the sloppy defensive play at both ends. Shots were coming fast and furious, with the Canadians ripping 51 shots and the Americans not far behind with 47. The game got off to a spicy start, with Jakob Sosa @TMGSosa getting the Americans on the board within the first minute. Canada stormed back with two goals before USA tied the knot at 2 at the end of one. From here on out, the goalies stood on their heads. Kloxified @Kloxified
  10. The Semi Finals Team Canada's defeat of Asia "rewarded" them with a date with the unstoppable, powerhouse Team World. Of course, Canada had slain this dragon in the final of the round-robin, and truly did give the strong team a scare. Canada absolutely showed UP to their semi-final game, and scored three unanswered goals in the first to put the World on their heels. However, this Cinderella run ended abruptly and thoroughly as Team World scored 4 in the second period, and another two in the final frame to win the game 6-4. Game MVPs go to Connor Sim @SimmerDown99 (Canada) who score
  11. The Quarter-Finals Team Asia and Team Canada, tied in points, had a quarter-final date together. Winner moves onto the semi's, and the loser goes home. The teams split their round robin series. In the tournament, Asia pitched the shutout against Canada, but the low-scoring Canadians found another gear for the medal round. Scoring a team-high six goals, the Red and White won a barnburner of a game 6-4 to move on. Asia gave Canada a serious run for their money, and Canada only scored the go-ahead goal with seven minutes remaining in the third period. Game MVPs go to Sheldon Juniper @
  12. Now let's get to the reason we are all here. First, a Tournament Recap: The round robin was tremendously exciting for all teams. Team World separated themselves from the pack early and authoritatively. The misfits from everywhere else won their first seven games before ultimately dropping their round robin finale to Team Canada. Team USA entered the medal round pleased with themselves, as the only over team over .500. They won 5 of their 8 matches and played a highly entertaining run-and-gun, defense-is-for-losers style of hockey. Their 33 Goals For led the
  13. The S75 World Junior Championship Medal Ceremony Before we begin, I have to give a big shoutout to all our GMs, players, and fans who made this tournament possible. Without you giving a hoot about this thing, it'd just be lonely ol' Josh simming meaningless games so RJ and I can get our job pay. Our Heroic GMs: Team USA GM - Thaddius Sales @thadthrasher Team Canada GM - FromTheInside @fromtheinside Team Asia GM - Blazzer @Blazzer Team Europe GM - Ledge & Dairy @Ledge_and_Dairy Team World GM - Jiggly Gumballs @JigglyGumballs
  14. Oh I like that, a Prospect Showcase game where all the VHLM Draft Eligible players get together in front of the GMs and scouts!