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Trophy Hunting with Letang


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Decent little graphic brother brother. I'd immediately recommend making the John Marino render a bit bigger. Personally I like to have my renders facing the direction with the most space of the graphic, meaning John would be either turned or pushed back farther. Other than that, I like the text used as its a variety and I find it fits with the Los Angeles stars logo. Small things could be done to improve this but pretty nice.

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1/10, Letang Graphic ew gross.

Really though, not bad of a graphic there Ledge. I think that you did a good job cutting out the player render as well as getting some good text fonts to make it really pop out for both the key things of the graphic (Player Name + Reason). I'm always a sucker for logo-swaps, but if this is one of your first graphics it's a bit of a hard thing to do (definitely for the angle of the player). But I do like that you did at least put the LA logo in the corner. I think with some cleaning up overall which comes with time and practice, you could make some fire graphics, and for this one I'd give you a solid 7/10.

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