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Claimed:Diminutive Danish Scoring Sensation Arrives in VHL!


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Barely taller than the boards, Oskars Harumpf looks to make a pass up ice



Hailing from Middelfart Denmark, the diminutive scoring sensation Oskars Harumpf has decided to try out for the VHLM in hopes of one day getting drafted to the VHL. Standing at just 5'5'", he is anything but small as he weighs in at 250 pounds. He's actually heavier than that, but the VHL stats department does not list players above 250. Regardless, Harumpf is built like a bowling ball and is his core strength is amazing. Back in Denmark, he scored off the charts on all strength and condition tests, leading to his dominance of the Metal Ligaen (the premier Danish hockey league). Harumpf put up an incredible 134 points in 40 games, proving that he had outgrown the league at just 20 yrs old. It was time for a change, so he sets his sights on the best junior league in the world.


Once arriving at the VHLM practice facility, he immediately started turning heads. As he stepped on the ice he got a few chuckles from other players over his physique, but they were quickly silenced when Harumpf started handling the puck. He's a bit of a wizard with when it comes to stick handling and his gifted hands are easy to spot after just a few dangles. During practice he made everyone look like bantam players, skating around them with ease. He also showed a physical presence and threw his 250 pounds around on both the forecheck and in his own zone. He's a solid player defensively, but offense is where his game really shines.


The strength of his game is speed, puck control and passing. He can dominate defenders and is virtually impossible to catch. If someone does catch him, either he is able to avoid the check byducking under it, or shrugs it off due to his 250 pound frame. He's a unique player, the likes of which the VHLM has never seen. He can score if he wants to and often does, but his bread and butter is playmaking. He enjoys setting up a goal more than scoring one. Of his 134 points in Metal Ligaen, 100 of those were assists. That should give you an idea of what kind of player he is.


While Oskars Harumpf awaits to sign with a team for the S39 VHLM season, he will be working on his game at the practice facility in hopes of getting noticed and someone using a waiver claim on him. He's a hard working motivated player who wants to test himself in the VHLM before making the jump to the VHL in the S40 draft. A bit of a late comer, Harumpf hopes to make his mark in the league sooner rather than later. He would be a welcome addition to any team looking for an offensive center who is good on draws and able to create offense for his linemates. Don't be afraid to take a chance on the human bowling ball. His 5'5" 250 pound frame will look good in your line up. His jersey size is 2XL Short.



523 Words.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

522 words. First of all, welcome to the Saskatoon Wild officially. We are excited to add another active member to our team. Secondly, this was a very good start in terms of point tasks. It was well-written, aside from a few minor mistakes and it really gave us insight into who your player is and what to expect. I really chuckled at your players' 5'5, 250lbs. frame that you often referred to. Keep up the good work.

Grammar: 2/2

Middelfart Denmark = Middelfart, Denmark (what a name by the way haha)

condition = conditioning

yrs = years

byducking = by ducking

draft = Draft

who = that

Appearance: 1/1

Great job. Paragraph structure was bang-on.

Overall: 6/6>>>12/12*


*First 3 point tasks that you complete are doubled in points.

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