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VHLM: Red Wolves Lack Bite



The North American Conference this season is thought to be the best but the winners of the European Conference will have a chance to prove that they can also play with the other stacked teams in the league. Here we will go through the rankings and look in depth into the Moscow Red Wolves.  General Managers always have a choice on whether they want to compete or rebuild but I believe that this season is anyone's game with most of the North American Conference buying pieces but this will not deter the teams in Europe. Several teams have good cores that can go toe to toe with teams in North America like Moscow.


Moscow Red Wolves

S39 Record: 12-13-4

Right now this team sits on top of the European Conference with a padding of a mere four points. All of the teams in the conference have a negative goal differential and the Red Wolves are no exception. They lead the pack and have a group of core players that can help improve the team's chances when they arrive in the post-season. How has their team been so far? Let us find out.



Their offense has not exactly been the best of the teams in the league but with the new addition of McGrattan this team will need to expect more. Tyler Cote is an example of a player than can turn around the fortune's of the Moscow squad. He is a point per game but he will need to dominate and prove that he is VHL ready. This center has stiff competition in the upcoming draft with players like O'Malley but if Cote can put the team on his shoulders then teams should watch out. Miller is an absolute monster and has shown a lot of patience in his game. A start to a great season for him and Moscow fans will want him to continue. The new addition of Griffin Simmons should help their offense quite a bit if he keeps up his pace of improvement. These players will be the key to decide if Moscow's ability to put pucks into the net go from mediocre to elite.


Moscow has one of the weakest defensive corps I have ever seen, and from many of the plays you can see that the goals that Canseco allows is not entirely his fault. Main stays include the likes of Moe Mills, Roland Brice and Ludovic Kabambi. The rest of it? Percy Miller and Nicolas Stormborn triple shifting to make up for their short comings. Kabambi is their best defenseman so far but the others still need to improve their play as Ludovic will not be able to handle this on his own. The General Manager should look to improve their roster in this specific section of they want to make it out alive in the European Conference that has four teams competing.


Jose Canseco. That is all they have in the goaltending department and even then he has been absolutely struggling! Unable to post a winning record, Jose has been under constant pressure to produce for a team that does not provide him with a decent defense. This team does not give up too many shots and Canseco leads the league in shutouts but the problem is with the quality of scoring chances and other teams get plenty when matching up with Moscow. He also needs to improve upon his own play if he wants to stick it out in the VHLM long term.



Overall this team needs to start scoring and Cote has to set an example for the other players that are not achieving their full potential. Griffin Simmons is a piece that will become important in the near future given his dedication and will compliment Cote Nicely alongside Miller. This team should still look to trade for a nice developing defenseman or try to pick one off the waiver wire once more players declare for the S40 Draft. Will the Wolves have what it takes to be the best of the best? It is quite unlikely given that their roster has gotten weaker since last season but I can expect to see them in the playoffs.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

705 words. A really detailed look at the Moscow Red Wolves. I'm not sure if there's someone proof reading your work,  but the writing was good and smooth. It flowed well and contained some good personal analysis of the Red Wolves and their shortcomings.

Grammar: 2/2

toe to toe = toe-to-toe

fortune's = fortunes

He is a point per game = He is a point per game player

Simmons = Simons (x2)

go = going

Nicely = nicely

Appearance: 1/1

Great work. Like Victor, I too, love that logo.

Overall: 6/6

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