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VHL Trivia Conspiracy Deepens: Trivia Head Found in Allegedly Abandoned But Fully Operational Monsters, Inc. Facility


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MONSTROPOLIS--waves of crime and conflict across the animated world have been well-documented throughout the ages, but we have seen nothing as shocking as what a routine check uncovered at the former headquarters of Monsters, Incorporated, a large building today presumed to be empty. After it was confirmed in the offseason that all league history mysteriously disappears on an annual basis, speculation was cast over the status of this season's trivia, which has since shown itself to not be unfounded as not a single question has been asked of the people to this point. The VHL's head of trivia disappeared from the league-run facility shortly after publication of our first bulletin, and has recently turned up in Monstropolis with many questions left unanswered (both on our part and on his).


The deepening of the mystery continued, and the nefariousness of his reasons was uncovered, when it was discovered that through what a police officer on scene called "random dumb luck", the league's trivia head had managed to power up the former factory's Scream Extractor, and had opened up a portal not to an unsuspecting child's room but to the VHL forum itself. It is unclear what had been done from here, but unconfirmed rumors suggest that he may have been gathering energy from the resentment associated with complaints about trivia itself. If true, this would surely represent a combination of insider trading and emotional trauma the likes of which the world has never seen before.


Further details to come as events warrant.

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