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  1. What do you enjoy most about the league? Do you enjoy the work you do for the VHL? Any particular plans/goals for your current player?
  2. Garsh

    VAN/NYA; S70

    Can't wait for the VSN article i on this one!
  3. Garsh

    F1 Discussion

    I don't have anything against Hamilton but I too hope that Vettel has a strong showing this year.
  4. Garsh

    F1 Discussion

    Man when they took each other out in Brazil last season, i thought my Ferrari buddy was going to have a heart attack.
  5. Garsh

    F1 Discussion

    I got F1's online streaming service. It mostly worked really well and I can watch not only the races but all the practices and quali as well. Def got my money's worth.
  6. Garsh

    F1 Discussion

    The midfield could be really tight! I hope Haas figures their stuff out this year and get back into form. Same, I've gone team Red Bull but imagine Mercedes will win again. We can always hope the big changes next season will shake it up.
  7. Garsh

    F1 Discussion

    Preseason testing begins tomorrow! Anyone from this old ass thread still following F1? I just got into it last year. Tagging some folks from this thread (sorry if you don't care anymore) @Victor @Doomsday @Phil @Tagger @Smarch
  8. 5/6 of the teams penalties, my bad guys.
  9. I was hoping for the tall thin goalie, best of luck @oilmandan
  10. 1) About 20 games left in the regular season. How are you feeling? Feeling okay, I think the team isn't performing at what it is capable of but hopefully we can work out any kinks in the remaining weeks. 2) Philadelphia has recently had some strong wins against top-ranked teams. How does that project as we move to the playoffs? Not sure, we need to beat them consistently, hard to tell from one offs. 3) Philly has 3 defensemen in the top 10 scoring list, Kyle Andersen, Griff Manzer, and Richard Fitzwell. How does our offensive minded defense help the team? I think it's helpful in that the other teams have to work hard to cover all 5 guys at all times. 4) Is there a team you’d like to face in the first round of the playoffs? Who? I don't have any particular team in mind but someone we match up well against obviously. 6) For a charity event you have to juggle the most dangerous hockey related thing you can handle. What are you juggling? (re-orded because of youtube video) I can't juggle so trying to juggle anything makes it dangerous. 5) Some sports players recite a mantra, a short phrase meant to maintain focus and/or hype themselves up, what is your mantra? I watch this several times and repeat along with it.
  11. We are currently tied for 2nd in the league behind Moscow. Are we going to catch and pass them. I think so, they are a great team but the Wolves are better! Do you think the Wolves should be buyers or sellers come the deadline? I'm not sure, I'll leave those kinds of thoughts to the big brained higher ups. The league has a ton of parity right now do you like it or not? I think that's good for the league if more people are able to feel like they are competitive We are second in goals for and goals against how could we become number one in each stat? Tighten up the overall game. The team takes a lot of shots so taking some better ones instead of just chucking the puck at the net might help. Do you like the wolves logo? if not why? Yes it's pretty simple but effective I think. Favorite player on another team? Roll Fizzlebeef, it's an S++ tier name.
  12. Basically what i said but with more thought and words.
  13. What about if there was a link/button/tool-tip popup doohickey on the update player page, that directed you to the forum post that talks about how to earn TPE. Assuming that post is in good shape and is clearly written.