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  1. Great read, and I appreciate the kind words.
  2. I think this is the second off-season without the payout, so relatively new
  3. How do you think we did in the S74 draft? Really well, I think the picks we made were solid choices, unlike some of the last couple seasons where it was risk big, win big. 2. What are your personal stat goals for this season? I'd like to continue to put up strong defensive numbers and reach 60 points again, it's currently not looking good on either front. 3. When you arrive at the rink for training, what is the first thing you do? Stretch, Stretch, Stretch, got get limbered up for practice. 4. Using players on Vancouver or in the minor system. Who do you think
  4. Very honored to have been picked, let's do this!
  5. Let's go! Good luck everyone
  6. My #bringJeffHome hashtag worked!. #JeffCameHome
  7. I love the idea of a training camp with other players, my player Griff Manzer is also Finnish. In Press conferences when asked what we did in the off-season, I have referenced training with Titans/other Finns. Good luck in your rookie season!
  8. More teams means more people get called busts, you gota love it
  9. 1. What is something you're looking forward too for the coming season? Just getting back out there and playing, we did well last year so lets see what this year holds. 2. Who would you say you're best friend not on Vancouver is? Lots of good people in the league, but my closest would be @.sniffuM. 3. What does your players number mean to you? Just always a number that I liked, probably because it is the day of the month I was born. 4. What are your predicitions for next season? Personal or league wide (Standings or your players stats) I think this season will be tougher tha