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  1. 1. As the season is winding down, who has become your least favorite team to play against this season? Any of the top teams, the team has been struggling a bit this season and we need to get as many wins as we can. 2. If you did VFHL, how do you think your team is doing? If not (or if don't like the first half of the question), which player's production is surprising you the most? Taro Tsujimoto, always been a good player but seems to have taken a step up this season. 3. Would you rather have a cat with a dog brain or dog with a cat brain, as a pet? I guess dog with cat brain as I am allergic to cats. Questions 1. The standings are tight in Europe, what order do you think the teams will finish in? 2. Tyler Reinhart is leading the goals race, but Groovy Dood has 2 games in hand, can the Dood score the most goals? 3. What golf course are you most looking forward to hitting up after your team's season is concluded?
  2. Los Angeles Stars’ forward Henri le Massif has had a pretty good week. The Stars played the D.C. Dragons twice this week and Herni had 7 points in those 2 games, including two, count them, two hat tricks. This has been a nice change of pace for the sophomore winger who has continuously failed to meet the expectations placed upon him. The tricks are especially important because D.C. is a team the Stars could play in the first round of the playoffs. Nothing is set in stone and at the time of writing the Dragons have moved into the 3rd seed, ahead of the Calgary Wranglers. If the Dragons and Stars meet up it could be good for Los Angeles if Henri can keep that momentum going. Now the real question is: What is Henry going to do with 2 hats? That’s 1 too many for even a man of Henri’s stature. Assuming it’s two baseball caps he could wear one forward and 1 backwards. Some people may say that is stupid, but most fashion trends are started by one person doing something, so maybe this is the start of a new fashion revolution. The revolution will be televised! 201 words
  3. Nice to see another player from France.
  4. 4 points in 1 game for Henri, can't wait to not have in the next 7 to make up for it!
  5. Got him for the final time
  6. 1. What is the best hockey movie? I would have to say Mighty Ducks, but I don't think I've seen any hockey movies outside that franchise. 2. Who is your favorite hockey player and why? Joe Sakic, grew up watching the golden age of the Avalanche and he was the leader. 3. What is the most memorable thing you've seen about hockey? At a Blues game and the guy in front of me yelled "THAT A BOY CARLO, PASTA HOUSE COUPON!" Questions You wake up in jail, which teammate or teammates are in there with you? Are you the superstitious type of hockey player? What do you put into the perfect omelet?
  7. Period: 1 1. Los Angeles Stars , β-LAS LW2 1 (β-LAS RW2 1, β-LAS D2 1) at 5:16 absolute studs!
  8. The Los Angeles Stars are not having the season they wanted. On paper, they are a team that should absolutely be in the playoffs, no questions asked. The reality is the team has struggled to do much of anything this season. They currently sit in 6th in the North American conference behind the New York Americans. Oddly the Americans are sitting at a -23 goal differential, while the Stars are at -2. So what is wrong with the Stars? Well to start with, goalkeeping has been an issue. Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, has struggled to keep up consistent play. It also seems like the Stars are overly reliant on the top line. Players like Henri le Massif are struggling to do anything on the ice. Additionally, the team is tied for the most shootout losses in the league. The Stars are flailing under high pressure moments. The local tabloids frequently make mentions of Stars players in various situations, these stories may not be true, or be only partially true but maybe it’s time for the Stars to cut out distractions that come with living a city like Los Angeles. Maybe Doug Dimmadome needs to let someone else run the Dimmsdale Dimmadome until he retires. Whatever the team does, it needs to happen yesterday. word count: 216
  9. 1. Name one North Amercian and one "World" city who need VHL teams. I feel like most of the NA teams are East or West coast or close to it, we need to fill in the middle more. I'm not sure about Canadian cities, but another team in the midwest or eastern Rocky Mountain area of the US would be good. Places like St Louis, Nashville, Dallas, Denver. For world, I'm not sure what European hockey countries are not represented yet, but somewhere in Macedonia. They probably love hockey, maybe. 2. What does your typical Sunday look like? Sunday is a big chillaxin day, unless we have a game prep. I always try to catch the F1 race if one is on. 3. What NHL player do you model your player after? What stat is your player not doing to match this player. Jerome Iginla. Um my player sucks so he's not doing much to be like Iginla. 1. Do you think your team will be making any teals as the trade deadline approaches? 2. Are you surprised at how your team has been performing, or are you doing about as expected? 3. Fantasy creatures came up in discord today, what is your favorite mythical/fantasy creature?
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