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  1. Garsh

    SEA/HSK; S79

    its basically player for player but done over 2 trades
  2. We're all living in S79 and Sam's out here living in S80
  3. 1) How is your summer? Did you get any time off? It's going well, I worked hard for my first VHL season. Looks like I still have some work to do though. 2) Do you enjoy spending time with family on vacation or by yourself? I love my family, and have spent some time with them this Summer, but kind of prefer to do my own thing. 3) What is your go-to special meal? I'm a big pizza guy! or Tacos! Taco pizza??! 4) If you could be in the body of an animal for a day, what would you choose? Probably something that can fly, or maybe a deep sea creature. See
  4. claiming the bonus vhl birthday tpe, my post in the thread is located here
  5. Well, well well, what a time to be alive. You, the reader, are witnessing an actual point task by Garsh. I think there is a saying that goes “Born too late to explore the Earth, born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to explore a Garsh media spot.” Something like that. Today I will be reflecting on my first player, the late, great Griff Manzer. To truly understand Griff, I’ll talk for a moment about getting myself started in the VHL. Griff was created October 4th 2019, I believe he was the last person created for the S69 (nice) draft class. People started c
  6. Garsh

    Medal Games!

    Way to go Europe!! We did it! GG Canada I'm right there with you, hopefully we get a WC Gold together at some point as well!
  7. 1. What are our big needs this offseason? Defense without a doubt, at least need some warm bodies on the blue line. 2. Who do you think will go first overall in the draft? One of them Reinhart guys I suppose. 3. Which team is going to win it all this season? I have no idea, probably not us unless we fill out those defensive pairings. 4. Will any of our players win individual awards this season? Who and which ones? Jeffrey Pines will win the Jeffrey Pines Memorial Draft Lottery Tournament MVP. 5. What is your favourite song tha
  8. seems like there have been a ton of fights in these games, or at least the Team Europe games.
  9. Always enjoy reading these, great work as always. Nice to see Griff get some love and moved up in the redraft.