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  1. 1) The Reapers added two Free Agents in the past week, D - Griff Manzer ( @Garsh) and G - Isak Sjostrom ( @Austin2997) to the team. What item did you contribute to their welcome gift basket? Well I can neither confirm or deny that i may have re-gifted the bottle of sauerkraut that I received from Jacob. 2) D - Jacob Perry ( @Liberty_Cabbage) is leading all VHLM players with 17 powerplay goals. Why do you think he has so much success on the powerplay? He has great patience and waits for the perfect shot. 3) Isak Sjostrom has worked hard enough in his short time in Philadelphia to be named the new starting goalie. Do you think this was a good move for the Reapers? Absolutely, he's working hard and improving every day. He's a guy who wants to win. 4) D - Richard Fitzwell ( @Tomato Soup)recently scored his first goal in the VHLM, what do you suggest he do with the puck? I would enshrine it on a mantel above the fireplace 5) Say the Reaper team ended up on an island in a Hunger Games Battle Royale scenario, who would win? How come? Thormund Giantsbane. We had a recent team building activity at one of those axe throwing places, he was by far the best at it. 6) What’s your best non-hockey related skill? I do a little bit of writing on the side. Check out my new Sci-Fi novel Atlantis Retreating.
  2. 260 Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans 261 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 262 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 263 Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion