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  1. Thank you @STZ for the card and the praise!
  2. Player Card Template Name:Griff Manzer Team:Reapers Player Number:14 Render Choice: Adam Foote Are you S69?:Yes Signature Template Name:Griff Manzer Team:Reapers Player Number:14 Render Choice: Adam Foote Are you S69?:Yes
  3. 1) The Reapers got in a line brawl near the end of a recent game against the Houston Bulls ( Which ultimately saw Kin Jong Un get ejected for his actions in a fight against Jesus Christ. The game set a Reaper franchise record for most PIM in a game and had the 9th most penalty minutes in any game in VHLM history. The Reapers play the Bulls again soon. How are you getting ready for that game? I think i will take some time out of normal practice and get some boxing practice in. 2) Goalie Isak Sjostrom is tied for the league lead in shutouts. What about his play puts him at the top of that category? Well I'd like to take some credit for playing some good D in front of him . But seriously to get shutouts it means you are on your A game for the entire 60 minutes (or more) or hockey. You can't have any mistakes. He's our last line of defense and he's killing it. 3) Unfortunately, Philadelphia is near the top of the league in overtime losses. What do we need to do to get better in OT? I think the best way would be to stop getting to OT period. We are near the bottom in PP%, if we were converting more when we have the advantage we don't have to worry about OT. 4) You get to pick the playlist for the next away trip. What are we listening to? I've been listening to Starset's new album pretty much non stop since it came out, so probably this playlist . 5) As you know, when you get a 1st star at a home game the local Philly ice cream shop The Franklin Fountain gives you a free scoop of ice cream of your choice. What flavor are you choosing, why? I am a big fan of cookies n' cream. You get the vanilla taste with some nice chocolate slightly crunchy bits. 6) If you were locked in a straight jacket then stuffed in your hockey locker what technique would you use to get out? How long would it take? I'm not sure but I'm very concerned that you are asking. this why some of the lockers are off limits? Is that what happened to the players the team "released"?
  4. I already follow the facebook and twitter
  5. We are 29 games into the VHML season, which is how many games Griff Manzer (D-Phi) played last season. This is the perfect time to see how Griff has progressed. First let's look at his stats for each season. Season GP G A P +/- SHT PIM HIT SB GW PPG SHG 69 (PHI) 29 2 20 22 10 26 10 36 32 1 1 0 68 (PHI) 29 1 0 1 2 4 28 35 15 0 0 0 Totals 58 3 20 23 12 30 38 71 47 1 1 0 To give some context to the numbers, he is the youngest member of his draft class and he played on a Reapers team that had some depth to it. He only played 3rd line defense with no special teams action. He averaged just a smidge over 13 minutes a game. Even with these considerations, it's fair to say that season 68 was a disappointment. His lone point was an ultimately meaningless goal in a game the Reapers lost. Fast forward to this year and things are looking up for the young defensemen. He clearly worked hard in the off-season and is bearing the fruits of his labor. The coaching staff must have noticed improvements during training camp because he was promoted to the first line with plenty of special team action for the first game of the season and is now averaging close to 25 minutes per game. Clearly the first line is suiting him. His 22 points put him at 4th on the Reapers. He’s putting up .76 points per game. That’s a bit shy of the much talked about 1.00 (or greater) point per game that players like Danny DeYeeto and Alyksander Hunter are putting up, but it is a vast improvement. Surprisingly penalty minutes are down despite playing almost double the minutes. The team is also benefiting from his success, sitting 4th in the standings after just missing the playoffs last season. We sent out Cob Bostas to talk to the young Fin after a Reapers’ practice session. CB: “Griff, big off-season you were in both drafts, how was that process for you?” GM: “It was very exciting, first I was picked up by Vancouver in the second round. I was a borderline 2nd or 3rd round pick so making the cut in the 2nd felt amazing. Philadelphia also took me 10th in the VHLM draft. I was happy to be coming back here for another year.” CB: “We’ve seen a lot of improvements this year, what did you do in the off-season?” GM: “Thanks, yeah it’s a bit of a night and day difference. I went back home to Finland during the downtime. In addition to normal practice I did a lot of rowing on the many lakes we have there.” CB: “You say ‘normal practice’ but I heard you worked with some pros, can you talk about that?” GM: “Yeah that’s true. I worked with some of the Titan’s players. I learned a lot in the short time working with them. They are on another level compared to what I’m used to. Fantastic learning experience.” CB: “I’ve got your stats here in front of me, everything seems to be going up but looking at hits, it’s higher but not by much, any thoughts?” GM: “Yeah I think I’m lacking a bit in the physicality of my game. That’s something that I still something that I need to work on. I’m not an overly offensive minded player so I need to be more physical.” CB: “Well at least you’ve kept the penalties to a minimum.” GM: “Yeah that’s a positive!” CB: “Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.” GM: “Thank you.” (~567 word count, not including the stats that i copy pasted)
  6. I definitely feel that. I think my player is the youngest member of the S69 draft class. i created a few days before the deadline I think. It was recommended to me in the discord to recreate since I wouldn't have done much yet. For better or worse I decided to stick with the guy I had made. Not knowing much about the league or if I would even stick with it, I didn't really know what kind of effect that would have. I figured even if I don't end up a superstar that doesn't mean you can't contribute to the team. We'll see how that works out I suppose.
  7. 1) 21 games into the season, Philadelphia is currently in 4th place in the standings. How are you feeling about the team after the first quarter of the season? I'm feeling good about it. We are on pace to make the playoffs, which is all that matters. I think we have shown that we can hang with anyone in the league. 2) Saskatoon is off to an incredible start. They currently have an 18 game winning streak. What’s it going to take to beat them? They look incredible right now. I'm not sure what their weakness is but hopefully someone finds it. 3) VHL scouts have been attending our games recently. What part of your game do you want to stand out for them? My defensive skills and my passing ability. 4) What’s your favorite thing to do to pass the time on the long bus trips from city to city? I continue to have a side gig as a science fiction author. 5) What’s a hockey trick that you can pull off but would be completely useless during a game? For example, I can throw the puck into the upper deck of the arena. I can juggle pucks with my stick. Not super helpful since there is only ever one puck on the ice. 6) You’re stranded on an island with just your hockey bag and everything in it. How do you use your gear to survive? How long are you surviving? Well i guess i would use my skates to sharpen one end of my stick into a spear to try to catch fish. I guess I could use the bag itself to catch fish too. Honostly I won't know what I'm doing and will probably die pretty quickly.
  8. Helsinki Titans Prague Phantoms Moscow Menace Vancouver Wolves
  9. Helsinki Titans Vancouver Wolves Prague Phantoms Toronto Legion