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  1. Good looking leadership team! Good luck this season Warsaw.
  2. Garsh

    Games: 14-32

    5 assists for Griff hat tricks for @fonziGGand @Da_Berr 3 wins for Vancouver, file it all under things you love to see. Riley Couture beats up Griff Manzer at 10:29 of 2nd period @Riley_Couturecmon now
  3. Congrats OD! Also everyone fess up, who else for some point of Condor's career thought his name was Connor? I had it wrong until the first time I went to put his name in a prediction.
  4. Ackchyually it's The Thing aka Ben Grim
  5. People talking to @dlambevery other day: "dlamb, more like dLAME hahah got em"

    People talking to @dlamb leading up to FA: "um Dlamb-sama  w...would you like to be on my ttteam?  uwu"

  6. Great job as always @Doomsday. I also wanted to say a few seasons ago it was discouraged for users post between the awards posts, happy that we have done away with that.
  7. I would like to petition that this thread be renamed Dlamb's Multis
  8. Best of luck @Riley_Couture and @fyrefly