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  1. @InstantRockstar did you reach out to rico before posting this? Because... As a VHL member who has seen this happen multiple times... yeah...multiple times, these types of posts never cease to blow my mind. I've truly never, ever understood exactly why people feel like posting something like this is their first resort when being unhappy with a situation or just to rant in general. This doesn't dismiss your feelings , btw, it's just the way that it's been handled that I really don't love, at all, and it really makes being a VHL member super frustrating sometimes when it is handled l
  2. 1) We've had a couple good sims here, where do you think we will end up in the standings? I think we will be a mid-lower playoff team. 2) Currently, we are 7 points ahead of 9th place, and 8 teams make it to playoffs. What are the odds that we miss playoffs? I think the odds of us missing are actually small, I think we have been under performing and had a few unlucky games. 3) What has been your favorite part of the season thus far? I think seeing us really come together recently and take our game to the next level. 4) Do you have a job in the league/
  3. Minnesota lookin good!
  4. Really cool to see Chicago celebra....wait a minute. ENHANCE @fishy helping @Blazzer onto the pile or something else?
  5. Henri with 2 points!?
  6. This isn't meant to make you feel bad in anyway, I was curious when I noticed you had 6 seasons on D. Jerry's 6 seasons on Defense: Griff Manzer (a 914 TPE player) 6 seasons as Defenseman: 65 G | 269 A | 334 P | 73 | 703 PIM | 1056 HIT | 844 SB
  7. 1) Tell me why your hometown is the worst! Not sure, I would say lack of variety, it's not a big place so not a lot of options. 2) Tell my why your hometown is the best! Traffic is never a problem. 3) Have you ever played in a forum Town of Salem game? This is the most recent one: I don't play but I read through most of them. 4) Do you like to play video games, or do you find them boring? Yeah I'm a big video game guy. 5) What is your least favorite sport? There are plenty of sports I don't watch, but baseball and soccer are just aw
  8. SMH @Devise forgot he's not on LA anymore and is rigging for them.  It's the only thing that explains LA's record.

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  9. I don't know what this has to do with anything but here I guess