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Souren Douffet Holding Ottawa Back


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Nearly halfway through the season the Ottawa Lynx find themselves sitting at a disappointing third place in the North American Conference.  Despite a 22-5-3 record, the Wild and Blades are handily ahead of Ottawa and are overshadowing the team that was expected to be this year's Yukon Rush.  While it is always easy to say it's a team effort and that everyone has to pick it up, it's hard to blame anyone on the Lynx aside from goaltender Soren Douffet.


The Lynx defense is doing their job, allowing just over 22 shots per game.  To put that into perspective, only the Wild and Red Wolves join the Lynx in allowing less than 30 shots per game and the Wild, who are second best in the league in this category, give up five more shots per game than the Lynx yet have allows more than a goal less per game.


And it's not like Douffet isn't getting support from his offense.  The Lynx are scoring more than 5 goals per game and have scored more than all but three teams in the league.  They are controlling possession and dominating in just about every game they play.  But, with a league-worst .851 save percentage, Douffet is Ottawa's weak link and preventing the team from being the threat many envisioned prior to the season.  Until Douffet can prove he can be a solid VHLM goaltender, he will be the scapegoat for a season that ends in anything other than a Founder's Cup for the Lynx, and rightfully so.

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