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  1. Take 37 of me looking for an AGM
  2. INDEX @VHLM GMTo send in your lines please use the Team Management section of the portal. The process for downloading the client file and using STHS to make your lines is still the same, and if you have manual requests due to waiver pick ups or other roster changes please PM me your notes.
  3. 1. FA opens soon, any targets stand out to you? 2. Who takes the scoring title for the team this season? 3. It's Nygren's last season, how many hits does he retire with? 4. Which team looks the strongest right now? 5. Which team would you absolutely never play for? 6. Which NHL team is your favorite? @Laflamme @LittleRiDog @rory @Devise @DMaximus @Donno100 @JigglyGumballs @Smarch @flatl99 @RStar @Esso2264 @DreMin15 @N0HBDY @frescoelmo @MikkoKoskinensMistress @73MPL4R @Azlan @Xdjk93 @Zach386
  4. Josh

    TPA Recall

    Include player name and stat being recalled. Reminder that you can only recall if the stat is at or below 70. No tags are necessary, the store updaters are following these posts.
  5. 1. This season for the first time all 4 VHL conference finalists are expansion teams, with Moscow playing Malmo and Prague in previous seasons as well. How many times did the original expansion franchises, Cologne and Quebec, meet in the playoffs? As we approach the conclusion of (or perhaps at the time of posting have concluded) the second ever all-expansion team final, what better time to hark back to the only time Cologne and Quebec met up, back in S42. Both made somewhat underdog runs to the finals, Quebec had been there before and won, while for Cologne it was a first ever finals app
  6. Josh

    S75 WJC Index

    Round Robin Index Medal Round Index Please send your lines to joshdasilva92@gmail.com and include "WJC" in the email subject or your lines might be missed. If you have any questions, please reach out to the WJC Commissioners @bigAL and @rjfryman. If it's specifically sim related, shoot me a message here or on discord.
  7. It already weeds out duplicates, trivia will be revamped in the nearish future anyways so no need really. If more people actually found the answers instead of copying them they'd be more likely to remember sending them in.
  8. That would require people to login to Google which we don't want. Impossible to show just the first result without showing the rest unfortunately.
  9. Best present you got for the holidays? (if you got any, otherwise what did you want). Any New Years resolutions? Playoffs are almost done, who takes it? We have the third OA pick in this upcoming draft, who should we take? How did NYA win the lotto tournament but suck all year? Do you have any friends in the upcoming draft? @Laflamme @LittleRiDog @rory @Devise @DMaximus @Donno100 @JigglyGumballs @Smarch @flatl99 @RStar @Esso2264 @DreMin15 @N0HBDY @frescoelmo @MikkoKoskinensMistress @73MPL4R @Azlan @Xdjk93 @Zach386