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  1. I personally think this can fizzle out on it's own but I've been watching.
  2. I guess that depends on if you believe the descriptions that Simon gave us for each stat (which we don't at all lol).
  3. So after some initial fumbling (IPB sucks) with a proof of concept, I can confirm that it is possible to have the Portal manage members groups and will work with the Blues on what a full solution will look like.
  4. 1. In S73, Chad Magnum won the Boulet Trophy after he scored over 72 points and recorded over 300 hits. How many other players in that season accomplished this? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @GustavMattias) Apparently three - Phil Marleau, Markus Nygren, and a young Mikko Lahtinen. https://vhlportal.com/tools/archive 2. Which player played the most games in the VHL, combined across regular season and playoffs? A bit of quick maff between the reg. season and playoff spreadsheets at the links below would have confirmed that the answer is Sterling Labatte, pulling away from
  5. Given the deviation from the original discussion we've decided to move the post to Thunderdome. @FrostBeard you're absolutely still allowed to claim it. No worries on that front.
  6. Can't do it anymore, people that create during a draft aren't eligible to be drafted.
  7. Couple things. Everybody love everybody. Obviously mods are watching this so BE NICE. That draft stuff that was talked about above is entirely accurate.
  8. I think removals would be manual across the board. Probably just something under manage teams.
  9. Actually... this might be possible.
  10. Josh

    Games: 67-86

    Historic-ness intensifies
  11. Josh

    Games: 49-66

    2nd historic LA sim