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  1. Just gonna leave this here: @Banackock
  2. Great time for the best defensive team in the league to just fall apart completely.
  3. By definition it's a popularity contest lol. Should just get the GMs to vote.
  4. At least the team outplayed em but goalie match up wasn't there.
  5. I don't even think I need to write anything, y'all just know.
  6. Cause you abandoned me and I forgot to remove you from the list.
  7. How do you predict the series going against Halifax? What players from each team do you think will have the biggest rivalry in the series? A Red Guy vs Gunnarsson, who has the better performance? Prediction for the winners of first round and why? Who is your prediction for MVP of the playoffs? Any takeaways from the season before we hit the playoffs?
  8. Yukon has always felt like a weird spot to host a VHLM to me. The main reason for that is.. the city of Whitehorse (the only city in the territory) is barely pushing a population of 25,000. Now while I'm certain that each of those Yukoners is a huge fan of the Rush, it's also only a touch higher than the average arena capacity. Some possible destinations that have come up: Chicago Kelowna Hawaii An obvious takeaway from the above list is that the owner of the Rush clearly has a yacht. I'd say that the while Hawaii does sound like an interesting relocation spot, it's not the most practical for travel times. With 6 teams already being in the US/Mexico, I'd prefer to keep to the Rush in Canada in the hopes that we can have conferences divvied up by nationalities. Kelowna seems like an excellent spot for a minor league team as it's a smaller city with a lot of growth potential. Chicago is Chicago, I think it justifies itself as a great hockey town; I picked it because it's got a nice skyline. If you have any other suggestions for a possible relocation, please list it below!