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  1. Correctly pick the winner of all 4 games for 2 TPE (uncapped): Enter Here
  2. Correctly pick the winner and score for 4 TPE (uncapped): Enter Here
  3. Josh.

    VHLM Predict the Score (S64W2)

    Winners (4 TPE uncapped): @Sharkstrong @TacticalHammer @Anthony Matthews
  4. Josh.

    VHLM Pick'em (S64W2)

    Winners (2 TPE uncapped): @TacticalHammer @Luke Allman
  5. Josh.

    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Not applying but if any noob GM wants some help just ping me.
  6. Josh.

    S64 Regular Season Index

    Sorry to hear.
  7. Josh.

    (S65) D - Chris White, TPE: 30

    Welcome, Yukon can offer 2nd pairing with the potential for 1st in the near future!
  8. Josh.

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done - TBL
  9. Josh.

    GM 79: Seattle Bears vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    Sorry for your loss @Nykonax
  10. Josh.


    Come check out the discord, tons of people around to answer questions!
  11. Josh.

    GM 65: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    Still waiting for that disappearing player
  12. Josh.

    (S65) LW - Magnus Pederson, TPE: 30

    Welcome! I can offer a second line position including some special teams with Yukon. Let me know if you have any questions!