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  1. We chatted already but I never posted it on here.
  2. Successful candidates are: Team Canada: @Hylands33 Team USA: @Banackock Team Nordic: @Dil Team Western Europe: @twists Team World: @Emi Team Mercs: @Nykonax Congratulations and good luck!
  3. Please let me know if you find any issues: S72 Eligibility List Criteria: Anyone player that played in S72 is eligible, even if they are currently retired.
  4. 1. We are just a couple sims away from the end of the season, and the playoff race is a lot closer than we would have liked. Are you concerned? Which team do you think misses--us, Moscow, or Prague? I'd think Moscow misses but really it could go either way. I'm not sure we'd see either of them so it's not a huge deal. 2. What's been the best part of this season in Davos for you? Seeing the GM buy to support this team making a push, it improved morale a lot knowing that there was confidence in this team. 3. Going off of that, what's been the worst part? BE HONEST and don't worry about my feelings here. My production left a lot to be desired. I need to do a better job putting the puck in the net. 4. What's a part of the league you aren't very involved with? Would you have any interest in becoming more involved with it? That's pretty tough because I inject myself in everything even when it's not wanted. 5. ACL TEAR is here this season, for one season only, on his mission to play for as many teams as possible. Where does he sign next season? Once he leaves the dressing room I really don't care, until this season is over he's a David. 6. The league's picked up a non-hockey-related interest as of late, as many members on many teams have been seen playing chess lately. What's something you do for fun that has nothing to do with hockey? How would you get the league interested in it? I know a few people in the league are musically inclined, my interest is playing guitar. Could put a little jam session together to gain some interest.
  5. World Cup Commissioner Duties: -Create a spreadsheet with players available for each nation based on countries. Josh does this -Hire a general manager for each six World Cup teams. -Promote World Cup around the board. -Being in charge of the World Cup as a whole.  Pay is 2 TPE / week starting next week until the tournament is over.
  6. CEO of player store and sucking in playoffs
  7. As the current Store CEO I figure it's about time to bring in a grunt to help out with clearing out some of the simpler income claims and purchases. The responsibilities are similar to that of an updater, reviewing claims and determining if they are valid or not. Ideal candidate would be detail oriented and someone that is online at least every couple of days for a brief period. Pay is 2 TPE/week. Apply below.
  8. I'll adjust it, I modify their TPE but also go in and modify the update amount for audit.
  9. Well that just ain't how the law works.
  10. 1. It is Thursday night, and unmotivated Gustav is finally getting around to posting the press conference. The team gets to decide on a punishment for my lateness--what should it be? Honestly this is outrageous and the only solution I can think of is seeing if there is another team that can post press conferences on time. 2. Davos is on a losing streak lately! Which VHL member's effigy does former satanic cult leader McWolf burn to turn things around? Frankly I don't care who it is as long as we can turn this damn season around. We're stacked, we need some performance from these top players. 3. There was some big news this week in the VHL, as the league announced its biggest expansion yet with the introduction of FOUR new teams! What do you think about the new teams in terms of logos, branding, and/or GMs? I think the LA GM is a really nice guy and would consider playing there in the future. Their logo is also fire. 4. Jump back a month. The league lets YOU decide on the location and name of one of the expansion teams. Where do you put it and what do you call it? I'd stick with Los Angeles because the city needs a team! I'd go with the LA Outlaws. 5. Next week, it will officially be summer (unless you're Berocka and you live in a fake country). Are you doing anything to celebrate? I purchased a new motorcycle so I will be romping around town and entertaining girls with it for the foreseeable future. 6. Will the NHL follow through on their promise and make a return to play this year? If they do, who takes the cup? I really hope so, I've been going through a hockey withdrawal and even started playing chel again. I think Tampa or Boston.
  11. Closing due to it not being a bug. Adding it as a feature request.
  12. Fixed with 20.6.1: @GustavMattias only took a couple of months
  13. Then I won't fix the chat bar. Sry everyone.
  14. I have the power, if you're nice.