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  1. Josh

    S69 WJC Index

    Round Robin Index Please send your lines to and include "WJC" in the email subject or your lines might be missed. If you have any questions, please reach out to the WJC Commissioners @Acydburn and @rjfryman. If it's specifically sim related, shoot me a message here or on discord.
  2. Josh

    S69 WJC Predictions

    Gold: World Silver: Europe Bronze: Canada MVP: Steve Roadkill
  3. You were short on white males? Or maybe just handsome and tall ones?
  4. Done, already follow Insta and Twitter.
  5. Post in this thread to claim welfare/pension for this week.  If you are claiming welfare/pension, you cannot claim any 6 TPE Point Tasks for this week (Media Spot/Graphic/Podcast) or League jobs paying 6+ TPE.   VHL Welfare Plan - Members with fewer than two 400+ TPE players may claim 4 TPE VHL Pension Plan - Members who have created two or more 400+ TPE players may claim 5 TPE VHL Affiliate Plan - Members who post a Point Task this week, in either the EFL or SBA, may link to that Point Task to claim 6 TPE Once you reach 400 TPE with your current player, if that is your second player to reach 400 TPE, you are allowed to claim the pension plan. So instead of only taking in account previous players it also accounts for your current one.   Example:  Green has had Remy LeBeau (TPE: 1301) in the past. Thomas O'Malley, his second player, is now past 400 TPE, he is eligible for the VHL Pension Plan. Note: Welfare/Pension Plan are not eligible for Doubles Weeks. Affiliate Plan is only eligible for Donation Doubles.
  6. Rushmore and Wright, love it.
  7. There is no referee and linesman. Line strategies do not apply. The percentage of ice time per lines does not apply. Team strategies do not apply correctly. Only the “If the score is equal then strategy is” applies all game long. The "Last Min" Lines does not apply. Player StarPower does not apply. 3 vs 3 Overtime Custom Overtime Lines These are the features that are unavailable in 1.1. I was actually super surprised when I was reviewing this other day and assumed we were using 1.5 based off a note Quik made during some 2.0 testing. Under league options:
  8. Winners: VHLM: @Frank - 3 Uncapped VHL: @Victor - 3 Uncapped
  9. Close game! Too bad we couldn't snag a point here.