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  1. 1. Season 70 is now underway. How well do you think we did in the first sim? The team did alright, some sloppy defensive play in a couple of games but also some outstanding offense. I'll take the 6 point game I had 4. Which VHLer do you hope to model your game after? Philliefan, he's an absolute heavy weight and solid on both side of the puck. He's managed to pull hardware for both his offensive and defensive contributions. 6. We recently acquired King Kruul via trade. What will his impact be on the team? Well he's going to have a huge impact to me because he's going on the first pairing with me. Hopefully that sparks some more confidence for the rest of the team.
  2. I updated the wording to make this a bit clearer. Who's Kendrick? I miss that monkeywrench guy.
  3. Post in this thread to claim welfare/pension for this week.  If you are claiming welfare/pension, you cannot claim any 6 TPE Point Tasks for this week (Media Spot/Graphic/Podcast) or League jobs paying 6+ TPE.   VHL Welfare Plan - Members with fewer than two 700+ TPE players may claim 4 TPE VHL Pension Plan - Members who have created two or more 700+ TPE players (past or present) may claim 5 TPE VHL Affiliate Plan - Members who post a Point Task this week, in either the EFL or SBA, may link to that Point Task to claim 6 TPE Once you reach 700 TPE with your current player, if that is your second player to reach 700, you are allowed to claim the pension plan. So instead of only taking in account previous players it also accounts for your current one.   Example:  Green has had Remy LeBeau (TPE: 1301) in the past. Thomas O'Malley, his second player, is now past 700 TPE, he is eligible for the VHL Pension Plan. Note: Welfare/Pension Plan are not eligible for Doubles Weeks. Affiliate Plan is only eligible for Donation Doubles.
  4. Send them as emails you dolt.
  5. We had Markour, so basically like 10 TPA above a CPU goalie.
  6. F - Boris the Forest D - Hulk Hogan @Erik Summers
  7. D - Apollo Hackett G - Greg Eagles @Erik Summers