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  1. World Cup Predictions Predict the three medal winners, and worst team of the World Cup Round Robin standings, and earn some Uncapped TPE! The worst team and the Bronze medal are worth 1, Silver is worth 2, and Gold is worth 3. To submit your predictions, copy the quoted text, fill out your predictions and post in this thread. Predictions will be open for a little bit, likely closing tomorrow with World Cup starting tonight. Remember all TPE earned is uncapped. Predictions will be handed out be calculated and handed out upon completion of the World Cup. P.S. Yeah this is copy pasta from S62. Thanks Devise.
  2. Josh.

    VHL Donation Index

    Tag me papa. 😢
  3. Josh.

    VHL Brands - Changes

    This off-season is going to give me carpal tunnel.
  4. Josh.

    (S66) LW - Cam, TPE: 30

    Hi, GM of Yukon. Likely going to be a contender this year. What my counterparts failed to mention is that as the draft just ended you'll be picked up as an FA. All minor league contracts are for the same value (1.5M / season). Let me know if you're interested in joining the Rush.
  5. Josh.

    S65 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    With their 49th pick, the Yukon Rush select Clayton Park! @leafssteen
  6. Josh.

    S64 Team World Roster

    Crazier things have happened.
  7. Josh.

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    The GMs have been selected! Unfortunately I can't lock the post down but here's the announcement:
  8. Josh.

    S64 World Cup GMs

    The candidates that were successful in becoming S64 World Cup GMs are as follows: Team Canada: @Jubo07 Team USA: @Hybrid1486 Team Scandinavia: @Nykonax Team Western Europe: @Eudaldkp Team World: @Tagger Team Mercs: @oilmandan Congratulations!
  9. S64 World Cup Eligibility Similar as last tournament, this list was built off the portal. If there are any issues noticed, please let me know. I'll update the list indicating which players have been drafted as they are received.
  10. Josh.

    Yukon Rush AGM

    As the rest of you are all cyberbullies I'm going to go with @Goonie.
  11. Josh.

    [S65] Player Store and Balances

    Man I figured I'd be able to get a day in without anyone noticing 😢
  12. S65 VHL/VHLM Player Store and Bank Welcome to the VHL player store where you can spend your contract money earned through your career. Please make sure to fill out the purchase template below in order for your purchase to be official. If you are making multiple purchases at once use multiple templates, or clearly break down the cost of each purchase. Purchase Template:
  13. Josh.

    Yukon Rush AGM

  14. Josh.

    Yukon Rush AGM

    As my last AGM went the way of most Spinal Tap drummers, I'm on the hunt for another one. This time around I'm willing to share some of that sweet sweet job pay, a whole 1 TPE a week. I won't make you do anything too crazy for that, don't worry. It's a good way to get some experience and a good time to hop on board with all of growth we're expecting. Apply below and I'll reach out to talk about it with you in the near future.