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  1. Yeah I didn't mention that we're immune. Shhh.
  2. This is my post so that y'all don't say I'm being suspicious even though I just don't know how to play.
  3. F - Ray Sheilds F - Brock Louth @Jubis
  4. @Dil wtf, update both pages you dolt.
  5. Step 1) Force refresh Step 2) ??? Step 3) Profit
  6. 1. Which team do you think won the draft? 2. We're into the season a little bit now, what's you biggest takeaway from these early games? 3. Which player do you think is taking the team scoring title (just on the Stars)? 4. Doug posted a shutout against NY. Is he happy about that or sad? 5. You get to pick any player in the league and add them to the Stars, who is it and why? 6. What should the name of the Stars arena be?
  7. Sure, I'll try again. Guaranteed Hatter kills me regardless of roles.
  8. D - Alex Bridges F - Markus Nygren @Jubis
  9. Josh


    Lines can now be submitted from the Team Management screen.
  10. 1. Who was the VHL's leading goalscorer in S20? Tarik Saeijs 2. The Seattle Bears started this week in their 4th Continental Cup finals in 6 seasons. Has any team ever made more finals appearances in the same time span? No @GustavMattias 2@McWolf 2@PadStack 2@Snussu 2@solas 2@MattyIce 2@Tate 2@Ricer13 2@dlamb 2@fishy 2@SlapshotDragon 2@JigglyGumballs 2@Jtv123 2@IamMOOSE 2@Spaz 2@Big Bob 2@McLovin 2@MexicanCow123 2@TXC 2@Jubo07 2@Rocket 2@Mrpenguin30 2@Kloxified 2@LatinViking 2@Big Dee 2@Mongoose87 2@Z16 2@Matt thunder 2@gorlab 2@Jubis 2@Crstats23 2@UnkemptCL4P