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VHL - My Experience


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I have been in the VHLM for a couple months now (since just before the deadline) and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are some drawbacks, some including the fact that locker rooms can be stagnate and teams can become empty do to purposeful tanking. This can cause players to lose any motivation to keep developing and improving there reputation in the league. However there are some great things about the league I have to consider, just as the locker room can become stagnant when teams are down, they can become equally hype and an absolute blast when rounding the season and going into the payoffs. 


For players who have just started, getting motivated to actually develop can be really tough, there is a lot that just seems overwhelming and hard to understand. Additionally many players don't even know how to develop, they may know how to practice and claim welfare but many don't do any of the other tasks and might not even know about it. This can problem can be easily hurdled as there just needs to be more interaction from every GM and they need to provide players with a clear path to progress, however that player sees fit. If this is done correctly I think that VHL retention rates could skyrocket. Now this isn't a must, as many people join everyday and I'm sure many of those people play several seasons and leave for other, almost irrelevant to the argument sort of reasons.


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