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Will a team actually pay for Chara?


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Good afternoon, 


The S80 season did not go as planned for the New York Americans. They were all in on attempting to chase the cup. With multiple 1st round picks out the door it was a win now window they had.  For whatever reason, even with a good team on paper nothing seemed to click and they missed the playoffs altogether.  The team announces a rebuild but their bad luck doesn't just end there. Tate who has already gone 1 for 1 on creating a HOF player, suddenly retires Red Light. New York with the click of a button just lost its most valuable asset.  Next up as their second most valuable asset would be my player Zeedayno Chara a season 77 recreate.  Signed for 3 more seasons and has publicly said he would give his 4th and final season to the team that aquires him. Thats the thing tho, we are days into the off season and no team has picked up the big man. There have been a few similar players that already got moved. Chara currently  hovering just under 900 tpe and could be over 900tpa for a contending team if need be by s81 game 1. Will the big man get picked up by a team that really wants him ?  I hope so but only time will tell.  From a New York Americans standpoint they could hold onto him till next offseason if need be and his value would be relatively the same. All I want is to leave New York knowing they atleast received a good future asset in return. I am just waiting for my new team, whoever that may be to acquire my player and I will work my tail off for that team. 


This might be my longest. Com I have  ever done .  Where is that word counting Sonnet lol ? 

Well thats 2 more tpe for the big man !!



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