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Who is Max Torq?


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Max Torq is heading into the draft with no expectations. Just about any team would be a good fit for him. The only thing Max can do is workout and make himself look good so the teams can see he is a determined player that wants to win. After a brief stint with Ottawa, and winning the cup, Max wants more of that feeling. He is an up and coming force to be reckoned with and I am sure there is a team that would love to have him.


Building into a physical defenseman that can hit like a train but also score a few along the way is a good asset to have on a team. Building those skills takes time and dedication. Max is up to the task and is set on making his mark in the league and on a few players. The end game would have Max's skill set somewhere between John Merrick for some offense and Guy LeGrande on the defensive side. This hybrid style should do well in the league. Max is moving more towards hitting other players compared to his mentors careers. So if it works out, Max should be a hitting, scoring, and defensive reliable player. Let's see where he goes and if it all comes together.

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