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Eagles back in the world cup


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Ice Hockey World Championships - Wikipedia


Earlier this week Tom Eagles was selected to play in the World Cup. This will be his second time playing in the world cup and the only difference is that this year he will be representing a different team. This may sound weird but in the Season 78 edition, Eagles, represented Team Mercenaries while this season he will be representing Team World.

It is rare to see players representing two different nations but with Tom Eagles being from Poland, he was eligible to play for both.


"It's a great honor to represent your team in the world cup. Last world cup I was past over by Team World as I was still a fairly new player but I was picked up by the mercs" Tom said " This year I have shown that I am good enough to play on Team World and it was a joy being called up to play for the team"

Team World is predicted to do well in the tournament with many saying they can go on to win this years tournament. They have, what seems to be, the most stacked team on paper out of all the other teams but being best on paper doesn't always mean success in the tournament. The players will quickly have to gel and learn new team strategies before the tournament kicks off.

" This tournament is different then playing a full VHL season, in the world cup you have to come 100% prepared and willing to go right from that start" Tom continued " You cannot have a bad game in this tournament as it will cost you while during the regular VHL season it's actually ok to have a few bad games. I think with the talent on this team and the leadership that we should be able to come out strong and show everyone that we came here to win the gold. It's something that I want to win as so far in my career the only thing I have won is a founders cup....i'm getting older so now is the time to win some hardware"

Tom Eagles is expected to play first line minutes in this years tournament as he is one of the more experienced and established defenders on the team. It is expected he will play side by side with Reylynn Reinhart but nothing has been officially announced. We are just going off by how practice lines have been running.

Tom had a decent run in S78 scoring 7 points in 10 games with the mercs but he knows that if Team World wants to win gold he will have to do better. Tom wants to contribute more offensively to help his team reach the next level.


"It might be weird playing on a different team but in the end I always give 100% no matter what team I am playing for" Tom said " I am representing Poland on the world stage so you better know I will be coming out at 120% from the first puck drop. I am excited and ready to lead this team to gold.




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Review: Nice article.  The snappy graphic of the gold medal really set the stage for a conversation about the World Cup.  Good analysis about the difference between a full VHL season and a short Cup tourney.  Every. Game. Counts. And the best team on paper doesn't necessarily mean the best team on the ice - any team can gel and get hot just as any "super team" can hit one cold patch and be going home.  Interesting twist and obviously a hook for the article is that Eagles has played for two different World Cup teams, which doesn't happen in the normal course of things.  8/10

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