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3 moves to Europe, Coincidence?


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Okay so I am going be completely breaking character here by saying this past week has been crazy. So my player, George Sanderson is hopefully moving into the E this coming season which means he will have totally skipped getting drafted by the M. I don’t mind playing in the E and I think it’s going to be a blast so I don’t quite understand why people want to fully skip over the E. The TPE cutoff was on the 14th but I was not able to submit many PT because of a big personal move. Now I’m kinda new so I don’t quite know exactly what the cutoff means and talking to other people it seems no one does but whatever, hopefully George can still go to the E. Some of you know I was the AGM for the Halifax 21st in the M with @Brewins15as my GM. She recently got chosen to move into the E with the Rush as her team and I will be going with her as AGM of the Rush now. Now let’s talk about that big personal move I mentioned earlier. I have moved to the United Kingdom from Canada on a work visa that is valid for 2 years. I flew out on Sunday and was busy packing before that which is the reason I was not able to max gain which kinda sucks. The move is pretty big, I am basically taking my whole life to Europe by myself and working and travelling. So to recap, George Sanderson is hopefully going to Europe, I am an AGM in Europe, and I personally have moved to the UK (used to be part of the EU). Pretty crazy!

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