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The Minnesota Storm Arena now sold


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With the Minnesota Storm relocating to Oslo the arena that they used during the season is now sold to a player who played with the team last season. Ragnar Hagstrom is now the new owner of the arena, nobody knows where he found the money to buy the arena, but he has some plans for the arena in the near future. 


He wants to give back to the city that gave him his chance in the VHLM. He wants to help kids from Minnesota who love hockey and want to play, but don’t necessarily have the money to buy equipment or the money to play a full season on a team. So with the help of now retired player Faddei Sokolov, they started their hockey school to help those kids. The name is Strom and Lov hockey school and they did their first week of lessons this past week. It was a great success 


Sokolov and Hagstrom became pretty close friends. They join Minnesota almost at the same time, they play in the same pairing for a couple of games and they were roommates when the teams played in other cities. They were very close, but when Sokolov told Hagstrom that he didn’t love to play the game like he used to and wanted to retire after the season. It was really a huge surprise for Hagstrom because Sokolov was a passionate player and after each game he told every mistake and good play we did. 


When the Storm announced that they relocated to Oslo Sokolov called Hagstom about the hockey school and what he wanted to do for the rest of his life being a coach. So Hagstrom and Sokolov with some help of investors and friends did buy the arena and started this school. Who Sokolov is fully in Hagstrom helps when he has time. 




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