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  1. Yeah it's a bit annoying and def one of the worst things about STHS. Just don't touch the stat going forward and you will get better! It's weird but getting D to 99 should be first priority for any player regardless of position.
  2. v.2

    Houston GM

    Congrats Godlander, well deserved.
  3. I agree that this is annoying in the SBA.. People trying to generate fake and forced hype in these drawn out game threads just for the daily 1 TPE.. Lame lol just give me the scores and stats!
  4. I agree with this. This is a minor issue being overblown just because it's something that happened recently. It's an extremely rare / low probability occurrence, and obviously the fix was fairly efficient and simple. I don't think this comes down to a player retention issue either, I highly doubt we lose members just because they have to move to a new LR lol.
  6. 1. I think so, we have seen in the past that anything can happen int he playoffs and sometimes regular season powerhouse teams fall off. 2. ANOTHER CUP!! 3. Definitely think he can. 4. Hate the VHLE, and the idea of an in between league. Just makes things more confusing and prolongs the journey for new players. 5. The Hamilton Canucks 6. Peas pudding and stuffing
  7. Answers: 1. Davos, Prague's logo is too E sportsy. Davis is classic looking and feels more hockey. 2. Virtual Hockey League 3. Not wearing masks. Questions: 1. The NHL season has started, which teams are you liking the look of so far? 2. Are you having fun with your player this season? 3. Which VHL team do you think has been a disappointment so far?
  8. Trivia died because we complained but then there weren't any real solutions or PT replacements.
  9. You're so good with the youngins. Imma start calling you Uncle Peepants!
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