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  1. Been banking a few sigs to use as PTs this summer v1 v2 @rjfryman
  2. I believe you are mistaken - this is a simulation hockey league where you create a player and complete weekly tasks such as graphics or articles to make him better. It runs off of SimonT Hockey Simulator and has nothing to do with NHL. If this still interests you though we'd love to have you and im sure any of us would be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions!
  3. 1. With the VHL draft nearing, what round/pick do you think your player will go? Shooting for top 6. 2. Now that the season is coming to a close, what do you think your players greatest strength has been? Blocking shots for sure, leading the VHLM! 3. Where has your player improved the most since the beginning of the season? Scoring for sure, took a nice few games to consistently find the back of the net. 4. What has been your fondest memory of your time with the Kings organization? Getting top line minutes and running the point. 5. Do you feel your
  4. Great first attempt. The fundamentals are there and I like that you even went for a jersey change on the render, which most beginners shy away from. I think this would look way better if it were smaller (at least 1/2 the size). Also the text placement is a bit overpowering as it takes up the full bottom of the sig. For the amount of space there is I think the render placement and sizing is a little awkward as well. The red theme is great, and I dig the abstract smokiness you went for with the background. Only room to improve from here on out! Feel free to ask any graphics rel
  5. The contrast of yellow on the dark grungy background makes this pop and the font choice+text placement is immaculate. The logo on the jersey could have been placed a little bit better as it looks like its somewhat floating off the player, but overall this is a super cool sig. Strong lighting and nice blur points. Overall rating 9.5/10
  6. 1. Since the addition of Bastian Greiss to the roster, as a team we’ve been able to secure 6 wins in the last week. Is this a fluke or do you think we can keep the momentum going and get a few more? I don't think it's a fluke as Greiss has been a tremendous upgrade between the pipes, however with such a young and inexperienced group we seem pretty destined to finish as a basement team. 2. In your opinion, what could your GM and AGM do to make your time in Mexico more fun and enjoyable? Anything else that somehow earns us more TPE. Nah, it's been an enjoyable season so far, t