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  1. 1. Pretty surprised! Our group has really come together and the unexpected addition of Odinsson has been quite a boost. 2. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken right now, maybe study some of the analytics in time to address needs at the trade deadline. Our blue line may need another veteran for a cup run. 3. So far yeah, seems to be on pace to beat my rookie season so can’t complain there, it’s progress. 4. Team composition and grit. Also having one of the top goalies in the league certainly helps. 5. Gotta look out for LA & Toronto this seas
  2. Just waiting on @Kisslingerfor the final pick!
  3. I’m the last one needing a goalie; G - Artem Tretiak @Berockayou’re the last needing an F so feel free to pick whenevs!
  4. Thad has been skipped and can pick whenever @Greg_Diyou’re up!
  5. v.2

    S78 WJC Awards

    A huge silver for Canada!
  6. v.2

    Games: 29-45

    Bruh Malmo is a problem right now
  7. v.2


    I'm getting some 70s vibes here. Love the washed colours look and the double renders are placed perfectly. Nice font use with legible text as well, this ones clean! Overall 9/10
  8. Great sig, placement, colours and effects on point. The font is a little hard to read but I feel like that grabs attention a bit and helps the feel of the sig. Definitely could use some more depth with more texture/lighting but overall this is solid. 9/10
  9. 1. In the cord 2. All of them, because fuckit. #OwnTheNight #NighthawksRising #MalMoMoneyMalMoProblems 3. Puck Handling and Skating, working to bring those up to 90. 4. Motley Crew - Post Malone 5. Riga again now that they have a new goalie and spicy rookie talent. 6. Not loving them honestly. Nice to see Vasteras back but so far the VHLE rollout has been questionable.