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The first pt for I don't even know how long time. And that's only cause SBA decided to have an expanded affiliate, now I can claim 3 TPE there from it yay. 


So we had a draft and I had like 8 picks in total. Everyone I drafted was active, even 57th overall Logan Clark is actually doing 6 TPE point tasks. Perhaps I'm returning to my form with drafting steals? The last ones I believe was 87th ov Jared Carter in 75 and Joseph Sharkton a season later. 3 of them are current AGMs of their respective VHLM teams and Leduc is a current Malmo AGM. Now we count 2 more VHLM AGMs who are currently playing in Riga (Thunder and Donny Carter); apparently the half of VHLM team's AGM are either playing in Riga or team's prospects. Plus Ledge a Miami GM. Before this FA also Lose from Mexico and Boost as Saskatoon. Basically, if you wanna have a managing spot in VHLM, join Riga. And Spaz is doing AGMing job in Istanbul as well. Riga AGM Reign you know. 


Nothing much happened in FA for us except Declan Wolf and Ove Dyrdahl joining us. Should be a good second liner. Hoping I can add a def and have a full two line two pair roster. Tbh not sure how our team gonna do. Cabe had enough and rerolled to 40 pass, and we brought in...more pass first players. Perhaps Riga is making the anti meta team? 2 recent draftees are pass first and Donny Carter is a pass first as well. 🤔


That's it and I'm out. 

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10 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:

And that's only cause SBA decided to have an expanded affiliate, now I can claim 3 TPE there from it yay

That reminds me, we gotta announce that for our side.

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