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Prospect scouting Report G-Ed Nu


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Good day, kind people!



Name: Ed Nu

Age: 16

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 192

Position: G

Number: 26

Born: Shelkovo, Russia


VHL Drafted: 45th Overall (S81) The London United

VHLE Drafted: 31st Overall (S81) The Istanbul Red Wolves

VHLM Drafted: 23rd Overall (S81) The Ottawa Lynx


Ed may not be an outstanding goalkeeper, but he always strives to be a useful and necessary player. He tries his best to be useful to the team. Trying to watch not only the game and the puck, but also the behavior of other goalkeepers in the game, he remembers something, tries to learn something from more experienced goalkeepers. He also reviews his games by analyzing mistakes.


A little history of the player


Ed Nu as a player appeared a little later than the middle of the S80 season, and was immediately invited to The Ottawa Lynx team as a backup goalkeeper, it was unexpected, because the player was young and not experienced, with not very good stats as a goalkeeper, but they believed him. And he justified the goalkeeper's hope (well, at least I think so). Missing not very much and controlling the course of the game, he was able to play 8 games in the dry. Even if they were not very difficult games, but still they were official games. His reaction and control of the game are commendable. Does this statistic mean anything?)






Defensive skills (gate security is the most important thing a goalkeeper can have, it should be brought to automatism)
Evaluation of the game and surveillance of the players (without this, the goalkeeper is not a goalkeeper, he must think one step ahead or assume what will happen next)
Lateral vision (Oh, no matter how strange it may sound, but even focusing on the player, he keeps track of what is being done from his sides with his lateral vision)



Young (we were all young and our blood was boiling, we considered ourselves the best and thought that it was possible to do everything playfully)
Small height and weight (a very small goalkeeper who finds it difficult to cover all his "dead" points)
Not experienced (because of his age, he has no combat practice, and where a more mature and experienced player, even if worse in stats, can win, Ed Nu will lose. Even in the most difficult battle, an inexperienced but stronger warrior will lose to an aged warrior who has been in many battles)


In Conclusion


Although Edna is a young and inexperienced player, he tries his best to be useful to the team, to be part of a big "family", to protect and not give up even in moments when it seems that everything is lost. Be a defender of the stronghold and prevent aggressors from breaking into the "house". Due to his youth, he learns very quickly and learns from other players, listens and absorbs like a sponge. He will try his best to be a wall at his gate. Do not give up and do not cry during losses. Be strong and persistent. And achieve to become a "legend")




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