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My predictions for the VHLM


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As most of the community has seen, an ad was posted on Rob Talks Hockey's YouTube and the flood gates opened up with new creates/first gens. This has changed the way I think the VHLM standings will be at the end of the regular season.


Waiver Signings from the moment I'm writing this:


Miami: 7

Halifax: 7

Mexico City: 7

Philadelphia: 5

San Diego: 4

Mississauga: 2

Las Vegas: 1

Saskatoon: 1

Houston: 0

Ottawa: 0


From these numbers, you can see which teams got lucky and which teams could promote high level playing time to the new players. Teams like Houston and Ottawa having no signings makes sense to me. Ottawa currently has a 10-6-2 roster (4 players away from the max of 22) with their weakest link being a 105 TPA centreman... how the hell does that even happen. Houston as well experiences this waiver signing problem as they have a 10-4-3 roster. Why the hell would new players want to sign to a team that will give them bottom line minutes.


On the other hand, teams like Miami and Mexico City benefitted hugely from this ad boost. Miami had a 2-0-0 roster and Mexico had a 0-0-2 roster. It sucks for myself as a GM with a 7-3-2 roster since I can't offer new players the minutes Miami and Mexico can. I will say it is nice to be able to see teams filled out instead of having a couple players on your roster, bored and angry from losing every game.







San Diego



Las Vegas



Mexico City


I feel like with Ottawa's extremely talented depth, there's no way they don't finish first.

Houston is on the same page with depth and has a great core to their roster.

Philadelphia and San Diego could either finish 3rd or 4th.

Philadelphia and San Diego's star players are great.

Philadelphia has a full roster though so if their new waiver players actually stay, they could be scary.

Halifax seems like a fair middle of the pack group, the worst of the best you could say. Lots of waiver signings so if those players stay, they could have a chance.

Mississauga and Las Vegas could end up 6th or 7th place. Where Vegas has more depth, Mississauga has more star players. Both teams with similar sized rosters.

Saskatoon isn't the worst but they aren't good. No depth at all and a very small roster right now.

Miami and Mexico will both be at the bottom of the league. With their entire rosters being new players (waivers), you can't bet on those players to stay active and earn.




Well that's my thoughts on this season. Thanks for reading my rambling.






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