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Zoidberg Suspended from Yukon for a Game


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Yukon Rush GM Austin Gow met with reporters today and seemed to be in shock. Earlier today, he polled his team and asked every Yukonian what their favorite candy bar was. Most Rush members gave solid answers, such as snickers or reeses. Then, according to the Rush GM, blasphemy occurred.


"So Zoidberg walks up to the front of the room, and declares that coffee crisp was his favorite candy bar. You know that cricket sound they always give in movies and stuff when it's quiet, well that's all you heard for a full minute. Then, Zoidberg's teammate, Jaime Hill, told him to go home because he was drunk. However, Zoidberg insisted upon his blasphemy that coffee crisp was his favorite candy bar, even going on as to say he enjoyed the french vanilla version. At that point, it's not even like a chocolate bar, you may as well eat coffee! Then, what set me off the breaking point was when Zoidberg said he didn't really eat candy bars. I decided to suspend him for x amount of time and give him the intervention he needs."

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