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Holidays in Helsinki


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Helsinki, Finland -- After a recent losing streak, Helsinki Titans goalie Xavier Booberry noticed that a few of his teammates around the locker room were feeling down. But, Booberry figured, it's the holidays! So he decided to take it upon himself to spread a little joy around the team.


First was the practice facility: When the team came in to practice the next morning, they were treated by a fully decorated Christmas tree, string lights around the locker room's ceiling, and custom stockings for every player hanging at their lockers. Then, it was the food and drink - holiday catering and glögi, a Finnish mulled wine typically served on Christmas Eve. And finally, it was a gift exchange - white elephant style with a budget of course, with the hopes of spreading the holiday cheer over the next couple of days.


Booberry himself drew forward Magnus Verlander, though he wouldn't give any hints to what his present would be. What he would reveal, though, was his goals with the holiday cheer.


"Sometimes, I feel like you can get caught in a rut, just traveling from city to city and doing the same thing day after day. Occasionally, you need to shake things up," Booberry said. "The holidays are a great time for that, to take a step back and reassess. We're not just hockey players, we're people. And we all need some time to relax and celebrate."


It remains to be seen whether that relaxation translates over to the ice, though coaches did note the team looked a bit looser at the morning skate that day. And for Booberry's part, he's hoping to make the Holidays in Helsinki celebration a yearly tradition.

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Wait, Glögg is called Glögi in Finland? I mean at least they are consistent, because Samuel is Samueli and Emil is Eemeli. Just a slap an i at the end of that bad boy and it's Finnish(ed)!

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