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Bennett Wahl... There and Back Again


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Bennett Wahl, the once most promising prospect from the s37 draft has disappointed in so many ways. Voted best looking of his class and after winning the Hobey Baker in elementary school, Wahl was destined for greatness. He only followed this amazing trend by being the only one drafted 1st in the 2nd round 13th overall. At this point, Wahl boasted a fantastic 37 TPE to his name. It was his excellent work ethic that attracted teams to him (and a huge fanbase following). Two GMs were lucky enough to draft the young skipper, Edgardian and Birdboy (VHLM GM). Yet ever since then Wahl has only been a disappointment. He has now eclipsed 300 TPE which is a farcry 4 from the 37 he had before. It`s sad to see such a promising career go to waste. Since he was drafted, Wahl has passed more than half of the members above him in the draft TPE wise and has only been on a downward spiral since. The Toronto Legion were unimpressed by Wahl and thus punished him by making him captain of the team. We only hope that Wahl can fix his work ethic and return to the shadows of greatness, where he belongs. If he stops passing the rest of his draft class members, stops getting TPE, we might still hear about the greatness of Bennett Wahl in the future.


It's clear the VHL is regretting letting such a behemoth fade way.






*Skip to 2m02s... stupid skip thing didn't work.


The VHL can only ask now... What have we done? 

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