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Harumpf Finding Taller VHLM Players a Challenge




Little Oskars Harumpf, all 5 foot 5 inches of him has now played 14 games in the VHL. It's been a tough road for the diminutive playmaker as he only has 3 points so far. Even more surprising is those 3 points are all goals. Being known as a playmaker throughout his career, it's very shocking that Harumpf has not been able to even get a secondary assist in 14 games. The Saskatoon Wild have been playing well and giving him good ice time, but he has yet to find his groove.


Harumpf has averaged 18 minutes of ice time in his first 14 games and has 14 powerplay minutes as well as over 40 penalty killing minutes. He's managed 2 of his 3 goals on the powerplay, so he's making the most of his time with the man-advantage. He's also only taken 12 shots on the season, so 3 goals has him shooting at a 25% rate, which is pretty good. In his 14 games, he also has 14 hits and 8 pims to go along with a face off winning percentage of just over 40%. Not bad numbers, but none of these statistics really jump out at you and imply that Harumpf is on his way to becoming a dominant player in the VHLM.


It's entirely possible that Harumpf's height is making it tough for him to compete against bigger and stronger players. He is only 5'5" but the fact that he weighs 250 pounds was thought to even the playing field. It's possible that his diminutive size may be a bigger short-coming that most scouts thought it would. That being said, Harumpf is working hard to improve and his team is winning games, which is all that really matters at this point. Oskars Harumpf has lots of time to improve on the score sheet and with continued dedication to improving both on and off the ice, we'd give him a better than average chance to achieve his goals. It'd be nice to see him get a few assists though as he's a true playmaker, but if he keeps working at it the points will come.


The Saskatoon management group has been very supportive of Harumpf since he joined the league. They immediately recognized his hard work and rewarded him by moving him up to the 2nd line center position. Harumpf had a couple decent games as the number 2 center, but his lack of production has now seen him moved back down the line 3 center position. Still an important line that can help the team win with depth scoring, Harumpf will look to help the 3rd line be productive over the next set of games. Perhaps with a few more points and hard work in practice, Harumpf can once again get back up to 2nd line center. Hopefully Harumpf has his game clicking by the time playoffs come around. He's the kind of player that can sneakily surprise teams in the post-season as more attention will obviously be paid to Saskatoon's top scorers. Little Harumpf could find his niche in the playoffs and make a big difference for the Saskatoon Wild down the stretch.



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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

535 words. Another great article from you here. I really feel bad about you and Iginla's production. I've tried to place you in all sorts of situations to try and get your guys going, but I also have to consider the success of the team, so it's a very steep slope. I'm not sure how the dimensions of your player fits into the equation in the sim, but I will continue to have the utmost faith and confidence in your player and I will continue to strive to get you the opportunities to contribute.

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has = have

face off = face-off

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Overall: 6/6

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