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What happen with Leduc


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Hello mister Leduc, how is it going? A Riga  journalist said  after the most recent game. 


Not good and not bad I guess. Leduc responds, trying to hide his frustration. 


Let's look at the past shall we. You were really occupied this past offseason. What did you do during the past offseason? 


Well the Pro-Am tournament was quite intense and I had a lot of fun playing with every single one of my teammates with The Overboard Seamen. It was quite the experience and I was feeling confident for my rookie season after that tournament with all the good players that were on every team. Right after that I was selected for the second time in a row to play for Team Canada at the World Junior Cup. At the WJC I didn’t play as well as I hoped, but it was still fun. Hopefully they can grab a medal in the next one. 


You talk about your experience in the Pro-Am. You did win that tournament if I’m not mistaken? And what player that you played with or against had a big impact on you? 


Yes I was playing defense in that tournament too so that was a transition and experience for sure, But I quite like it. We did win the Pro-Am and we had a great squad to do so. Well just watching them play is insane, but sharing the ice with them was on another level. Who had an impact on me… I think everyone has their style of play or tell me something on the ice that helps me in my game, but if I need to say some names Reylynn Reinhart, Alex Johnston, Jon Webber, Jerome Reinhart and even Oskar Lindbergh. Sharing the ice with them and analyzing their style of play and learning from them was a lot of fun. 


Can you develop on that transition from forward to defenseman? 


Well the tournament didn’t have enough defenseman so they asked if anybody wanted to play defenseman for that tournament and I’m someone who loves a challenge. So I accepted and I  called Ragnar Hagstrom and Faddei Sokolov to come and help me out. We all had the same agent so we were friends during our time in the VHLM. So they helped me out for that change and I’m not going to lie to you my skating backwards was a real challenge, I already knew how to but at that speed never. 


Looking at your history, have you ever played at your natural position? 


Except now with Riga I did play RW during both WJC, the first few weeks with the Yukon Rush and in the JST with The Warriors. But yeah I always like to have multiple assets in my game. 


You did talk about the WJC you just played during the last one and it looks to be your last one. What was the difference between both times you played for team Canada and are you trying to play in the World Cup In the future? 


Playing in the WJC is always an honor and having the chance to have played in it two times is awesome. The first years I was more stargazed by all the good players that were there. A funny thing that happened during my first time in the WJC was the GM for team World reached out to me and said that if I was not picked to play for team Canada, that he was going to select me. I was expecting to play for team World but I was honestly excited and proud to be able to represent my flag and nation. Let's get back on track, so yeah my first year was kinda meh for me but the team was awesome and we were able to win the gold is a moment that I’m never going to forget. The second time, this past offseason, was better for me but the team losing to team world in the bronze game was really hurting. But I had so much fun during those tournaments so it’s all good. 


We didn’t hear much from you during your last season in the VHLE. What happened and can you recap your season with the Cologne Express for us? 


Yes for sure, so let’s start with the recap. I loved my time in Cologne. The management team is awesome and I was playing really well during my time there and met some new players. Playing with my hold teammates Kyosti Karjalainen was awesome and I had nice chemistry with Zeljko Ranogajec. Surprisingly I had a better season in the E then the M. I don’t why because I honestly think that the E was going to be more competitive. For what happened at the end of the season and the playoff. I was struggling with a lot of things on and off the ice, I was not playing at my best and I feel like I was one of the reasons why we lost versus Stockholm. 


It was quite a rough second round exit for the Express. You’re not performing like we expect you to with the Riga Reign? How can you explain that and is it the same thing that happened with The Cologne Express during the playoff? 


It’s definitely not the same thing that happens with Cologne. I’m not performing like I perform with Cologne, Yukon, Sault st. Marie or Team Canada in the WJC. I don’t think I’m playing badly, it's just a learning experience. You're in a new league. The level is more intense, you need to play harder, the game is faster, the players are more skillful and it’s more physical too. I honestly think that I’m going to get rid of my slumps during the season or at the start of the playoff.  The VHL is a tough league to play in and it’s a transition, for sure. 


Thanks for your time Leduc and Good luck in the rest of the season. 


Thank you too, it’s always a pleasure. 



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Nice read as usual, but the font color choice made it a bit difficult to read, at least for me. Hope Leduc gets going (but he's on Riga so being fucked by Simon is a bit of a constant).😅

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Review 9/10

Great job! this was a very good read. I really like the colour change to tell the reader who is speaking. I like that you went into detail, made the article feel more real. I like that we got a feel of your players personality. Some things I could recommend are centering the article, I feel like it makes it look nicer but that is just my opinion. I feel like a picture would make this pop a little bit more. Again, good job and good luck!

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