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Games: 291-310

VHL Games

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damn mid seasons suck activity wise sheesh


sim recap:


- Bot goalie sends his last hello by stopping Prague's 10 win streak

- also 2 wins against Europe rivals is always dope

- now it's both Carter and Giant with fights...uhhh maybe stop please?

- Giant with the 4 point sim!

- Riga Reign is your future S82 Continental Cup champions!

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Game 296: Chicago Phoenix vs. Los Angeles Stars


This game was about as one sided as it can get. Vick Fairchild opened the scoring for Los Angeles in the first, followed by 4 straight goals by A.J. Williams. Chicago was able to put two goals on the board in the third period, but goals by Florida Man in the second and third made the final score of the game 7-2. The Star’s goaltender Trent Gibson saved 35 out of 37 shots for a 0.946 save percentage. Despite allowing 7 goals Chiago’s bot goaltender had a save percentage of .900, due to having 70 shots on net.


Game 297: Helsinki Titans vs. London United 

Another matchup that was not a very close affair from start to finish. London and Helsinki got most of their goals out of the way in the first period. It was 4-2 after the first 20 minutes of play. At 4:45 in the 2nd London’s Matt Avens instigated a fight with Magnus Verlander and they fought to a draw. Avens was ejected from the game for his actions. It is not something seen often from him, as he is a promising rookie and favorite for the Stolzschweiger Trophy. In the final 40 minutes London would outscore Helsinki 2-1, and the final score was 6-3.


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