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Malmo struggle in tight EU race


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It’s gotten tougher for the Nighthawks who now sit with a record close to .500 at 21-19-1. That’s good enough for the last playoff spot in the EU. While Malmo sit at the higher end of the table when it comes to goals against with just 135, but the goals for has been pretty bad as Malmo sit 3rd last when it comes to scoring goals. Malmos quote on quote ‘second line’ has turned on the jets when it comes to scoring. Minion leads the team with 64 points in 41 games, while Mourning is right behind with 57. Deathwalker and Telker have been struggling to find the back of the net on a consistent basis, and the shocking thing is there is no real reason for it. They are in their prime, playing all kinds of minutes around a pretty stacked team overall. Dom has been playing all his cards right for success in my eyes, maybe it’s now come down to Malmo  needing a bit more luck. 

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