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VHLM rookie builds a dream team


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Before we get started, I just want to put out a warning here: I’m brand new to the VHL, so I don’t know anything at all. I’m going to make some choices based on what I can find on the individual leaders section of the index. Please don’t be offended that your top-tier player got FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY for a meme pick, I promise it’s not intentional.


To build a VHL dream team, you need a quality goalie. I think the right call for my dream team is none other than Los Angeles Stars net minder, Trent Gibson. Always reliable in the crease, Gibson’s save percentage hasn’t fallen below .900 during his entire career in the VHL. Even when coming up in the VHLM, Gibson was flirting with the .900 mark, though never quite reached it until making the majors.


One of two defensemen standing in front of the goal and protecting the blue line will be Juice Box. Juice Box leads the league in +/- and is a point per game player who has a knack for creating scoring plays. While we only have one season of VHL stats on Juice Box, when we look back to their VHLM performance, we can see that clearly this is a top talent who deserves a top pair position on the VHL dream team.


To pair with Juice Box, we have to call on the man who is a brick wall on skates: creed. An absolute legend of the blue line, creed has blocked a jaw-dropping 262 shots this season. The self-sacrifice and willingness to get into harm’s way is exactly the mentality that the dream team needs. Welcome aboard, creed.


The first line right winger on the dream team roster is, obviously, Dan Dan. You want assists? Dan Dan does that. Oh, the dream team needs someone who can score goals? Dan Dan does that, too. If you want to win games, you need a solid offense. He’s always been a solid scorer, but this season especially is a hot one for Dan Dan, with 87 points over 40 games at the time of writing this article. That’s comfortably over the 2 PPG threshold. It’s baffling.


On the left wing we’ll sport Jerome Reinhart, tied for the lead in goals scored this season and is approaching 2 PPG average. That level of performance is something that simply can’t be passed up on for the dream team. Reinhart has performed incredibly well through his entire VHL career, and he will enjoy even greater success when surrounded by a team of absolute champions.


Starting in the center position for my VHL dream team will be Darth Kaprizov, the player who is tied with Reinhart in goals scored this season. With incredible offensive threats at the wing, the icing on the cake is Kaprizov playing the middle to score off the rebound or get the tip-in goal. Though young, Kaprizov has the talent and competitor mentality that the team needs.


“Oh, poor ctots, you forgot to include yourself in the VHL dream team” you might be saying to yourself.


Well, yeah, the dream team is here to win championships, not give ice time to VHLers!

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First off, welcome to the league! I've seen you active all over the sight this week and I hope you can be a great active member for a while! It is really nice to see new members taking on Theme Week challenges, and this one is done very well. I'm certainly no expert in the big leagues right now either, as my new player is in the VHLM, but I can tell you have some consensus picks and some original picks as well. It is refreshing to see these sorts of dream teams, where it isn't the same players being showcased.


On a technical level, the paragraphs and spacing are well done, dividing up your media spot nicely. It is very easy to read and engages the reader from start to finish. You sound like you know what you're talking about and write with a solid conversational confidence.


Best of luck this season, and keep up the good work!


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Review 9/10

Great job. You made some really nice picks for someone new! You format is well done. The spacing makes it easy to read and follow. I really like that you did some research into the players stats, it is nice to see that. The spelling and grammar is well done. For the future, adding some titles or pictures can make the media spot look even better. Good luck and again, great job.

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