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  1. 1) I'm actually really happy with my performance in limited minutes this season! I was really dialed in and I'm super proud. 2) All I'm saying is I was on a team who ended second in the regular season and won the cup 3) Luckily I am mostly here to learn. I will certainly be ready if given the opportunity but man do I have faith in the team in front of us 4) We did a great job outshooting our opponents and the more you shoot the more you score easy. 5) Oh you know it. Last cup I won I got plastered in my basement and played some Jackbox. I'm ready for another one of those.
  2. 2. absolutely, we are on a tear and I can't see that slowing down for anyone 3. Not as much as I'd like but yeah every now and then you can find me on twitter and instagram posting 4. Always, no better way to get a young player dedicated to the sport than a personal connection 5. Uhhhhhh no. Not this year at least. 6. I love Rolos, mostly for the caramel to be honest but I think it's a decent answer 7. Man this year has been nothing but success for my player so it would be nice to keep that going.
  3. 1. Honestly given how well we are doing, it would be cool to see some adds that bring us over the edge 3. Honestly I'm doing a lot better than I would've expected, which has been a great experience 4. Hell yeah seems like a lot of people like similar games so that sounds like a blast. 5. I love rain to be honest, love the smell, love going out and getting soaked. 6. Cake has a higher potential for being good, but the average pie is better, so I'd probably bet on the pie, maybe like a peach or apple pie. 7. Hats give me headaches, never figured out why but it makes the
  4. 1) We need to get our scoring touch back, we've run into a few hot goalies but we are getting shots and eventually they will go in 2) It's been fun to see some of my old teammates Isau DaMoose and Tom Eagles fight for the top rookie point lead. 3) As much as I hate to see it, I think Chicago and Helsinki are going to crush this season once they get going. Hopefully we can beat out Helsinki though 5) Luckily now I get a little more time between games so i can enjoy myself a little more haha. I've been crushing a lot of Mexican food recently, love it. 6) I watch a lot of hock
  5. 1) Well as a rookie I don't have any grudges yet, thankfully. I have a couple of old teammates on Malmo who I'm excited to beat, and maybe my draft team Calgary 2) Honestly just keep active and earning, now that I can actually do that again. Get to know the league and the guys better too 3) We've got a solid team front to back, writing this now its 8-0-1, which just tells you how competitive we are 4) Man was it so great to see the Stanley Cup awarded after all of ... 2020 ... happened. Even if my Leafs (I know I know) didn't do so great. 7) Gotta be chocolate there. It's h
  6. 1) No shame in losing to the champs, as long as we learned something from it. If we keep making good moves and playing hard that championship will be ours next! 2) Draft day is the best part of any league. There's just something about knowing that the next superstar is somewhere in there, and not even necessarily in the top picks. 3) I'm an offence first sort of guy (yes even as a Goalie), so I love to see upgrades in that department. 4) Had a pretty great sesaon last time, and we only got better, so I expect great things. 5) Well I won the Founder's Cup in the VHLM a coupl
  7. What an awesome experience it was to win a championship with this amazing team. Everyone worked so hard throughout the whole season and we got what we earned in the end! Even though I'm off to Warsaw now, I'll always be a Reaper
  8. Thank you! Super excited to see where this will take me!
  9. Thanks to Mexico for pushing us to be better and better all season. We just couldn't come second to you again It's been real!
  10. 1) Man I'm feeling good and the team is looking even better. Just trying to stay focussed and give myself the best opportunity to play my best. 2) I've always loved the idea of being a GM and making all the fun choices. San Diego is a great team too and so it would be fun to take that team and see what I could do. 3) I've always wanted to do one but I have so many interests in random things I couldn't just focus on one thing. 4) I mean my hometown Toronto Legion could be fun but really any team that will have me is the team I will go all pout for. 5) I've always wanted to
  11. 1) Well it certainly went well haha, I'm hoping to keep giving our team a chance to keep winning every night 2) There's something about the do or die feeling that just gets the blood pumping 3) We have had some interesting results against them this season so we have to be doing our best every night to win thee series 4) Listen I'm a big guy so least you can do is shoot at my chest. Thanks. 5) A copy of NHL 21 actually, super excited to get into that. 6) Headlines by Drake is my pump up song and would probably work
  12. i think this is the first raffle I've ever won what guess its time to fuel my NHL addiction again