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BoJo actually kind of living up to his draft pick(ish).


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So for those who have been following the VHLE (read: no one). You may have noticed that both current #TeamClue members were off to pretty slow starts. In the case of everyone's favorite Board Game. A trade set it off, but in Bratislava, less extreme measures were employed. After long hours of meditating at the top of lighthouses, GM John Frostbeard and AGM Anthony Pratt (yeah, I took the name of the dude who invented Cluedo as my GM name😎) seem to have finally found the secret recipe for success. Turns out it's just being Swedish, which is lucky for Bo as he is Swedish.


After pairing BoJo and Harry Hagel @jasplunds on the 1st D pairing. Bo has gone from last to first not shit in ES production, while being near tied for the best possession game on the team with Brian "The Payne Train" Payne @Scurvy. While simultaneously maintaining PP production that is on par with the deadly Latvian Sniper Girts Galvins @Girts. We don't talk about the fact that it took him 32 games to score his first ES goal OKAY?! Didn't happen. It was all just a nightmare!


So with that out of the way, let's have a quick detour to make everyone on dark mode blind (you're welcome), by posting the whitest scatter plots that ever seared your retinas out.


So what this sorcery really tells us is that Brian Payne has monstrous possession for his ice time. Which may lead you to ask why his ice time is so low. We tried to ask Mr.Payne why that was, but he was still in the Penalty Box from last game, so we couldn't actually reach him for a comment.🤷‍♂️ Will Groves is a ES monster but refuses to score on the PP and Girts is a PP monster that refuses to score ES, imagine the havoc if those two guys get going in both at once? Spooky Scary Watchmeningtons at that point, I tell ya!

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