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All Time VHL Team - P.J. Daniels


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Today, I am here to talk about my all-time VHL team. This is who I think are the best players in the VHL currently so let's get this started, shall we? 

In goalie, I have Thadius Sales. He has a total record of 220 wins and 164 losses. He's only lost 6 games this season. That is super-impressive for a goalie like him. He's only allowed 1048 goals in his entire career and last year he won the Aidan Shaw Trophy and the Greg Clegane Trophy. Just last year, he got traded to the league-leading Vancouver Wolves from the New York Americans. What a move it has been for him so far!

In defense, we have Battle Sandstrom. He was waived earlier in the season but he signed with the Riga Reign and he's doing much better as of now. A great defender who can move the ball and probably go from defense to offense. He has more than 1,000 shot blocks in his career. Next to him, we have Aurelian Moreau who won the Alexander Beketov Trophy. He had 23 shots blocked in the latest WC and he has a total career of 774 shots blocked. He has 348 career assists and 410 points in total. What a legend! Two defenders who I would easily take on my team and my all-time VHL team. But now we move on to the offense. 

The offense, where all the goals come from and all the goals reside in. These are my 3 players for the offense. Starting first, we have Taro Tsujimoto who plays in the middle (center). In Season 80, he won the Scotty Campbell trophy. He had five goals and nine assists in the World Cup with 48 shots in total. As of this season, he's on a roll and he's one of the main reasons the Seattle Bears are still fighting for that playoff spot. He has 32 goals and 50 assists with 82 points in total. That is next-level performance. He also had 321 shots and 4 game-winning goals. He is truly special. On the side now, we have last season's playoff MVP and current top goal scorer in the VHL. His name is Jerome Reinhart and he's only 19 years old. He's won the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy in Season 79 and the Daisuke Kanou Trophy just last season. As of now, he has 35 goals and 44 assists with 373 shot attempts and 79 points. He also has 6-game winning goals. He just continues to prove himself as one of the best wingers to ever do it on the main stage. Finally, we end off this team with Duncan Idaho who is a very good and underrated two-way forward. He has 29 goals and 44 assists with 320 shot attempts and 73 points. He also has seven game-winning goals which are the highest on this list. He had five goals and 10 assists in the latest World Cup and he's won the Scott Boutlett trophy in back-to-back seasons. Other trophies that he won are the Scotty Campbell Trophy in Season 80 and the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy in Season 77. He's a legend man. 


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Media Review


The writing of this article was actually done quite well.  You were right to the point as to what the topic was going to be and also captured the reader multiple times with witty comments.  You managed to give the reader a visual of each player you chose and why.  From the players you chose, I have to say that you did some research with your selections and you validated each selection with statistics and awards to even further demonstrate that you researched your players.


I liked that you kept the dialogue flowing as you described each players’ abilities and were ready to move on.  I was able to follow everything and your smooth transitions into the next player and position was well done.  You added some flare at the right moments to keep me interested.  


Your last sentence was what I considered to be the only downside.  When I read it, I missed that you were finishing your description of Duncan Idaho, and read it as “Here’s a legendary team,” which to me would have been a super ending to your article and match your wit and writing style.  By ending with the last player, I felt like you quit early when you were on a roll.  Dont take this the wrong way though, as your article was very good and I am writing this constructive portion only so I can get the 1 TPE for the review!!  You’re a good writer and I enjoyed the read.  Keep it up!


Score 10/10

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