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(S83) D - Kieran Kell, TPE: 84


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Welcome to the VHL @Flarisper


Hello, my name is @Masu ChanI am the current GM for the Philadelphia Reapers and we’d like to make you an offer to join our organization this season. We are currently 1st in the league and will be willing to offer you a position on our 3rd pair. We will increase your ice time the more TPE you earn and depending on how you interact with the community. 


Here in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on the players we develop. I formerly played for Philadelphia myself and my current AGM @badcolethetitan is an active member of our roster. We like to make the locker room feel like a chill place to meet new people and learn the sport as well as learn the league. We are willing to help you however you need and unlock your full potential. 


If you are interested in joining the Reapers, make sure to quote this post and reply with #FEARTHEREAPER. Once you do that you’ll be added into our locker room where you can chat with your new teammates and learn our lineup.




Many legacies have been built with the Reapers. Will you join the many great Reapers of legend and craft a VHL career worthy of the HOF? What will your legacy be? And will you begin your career with this Jersey?



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Welcome @Flarisper
I am Moon the GM of the 
Houston Bulls
. Here in Houston we have an active LR over on discord with some VHL veterans and even some newer members as well! We try our best to make your VHL experience the best it can be. Our AGM @Arcehelps run this awesome team, and would be very happy to have you aboard. Right now we are top 5 in the league and this season we should be a playoff contender and will be aiming for #1 seed! We can offer you 3rd line minutes with the chance of moving up if you are active! You would placed in a position for your player to have success while winning.

If you wish to join the Bulls please quote this message with #HornsUp!


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->Hello and welcome to the VHL! Firstly I'd like to wish you the best of luck wherever you decide to go and if you have any questions just ask!! It's always exciting to start something new so take your time when deciding. :)







I'm the GM of the Ottawa Lynx and we are the defending champions for two straight seasons, in Ottawa pride ourselves on doing what's best for our players if it's getting you more points on the right lines or gearing you up to earn some TPE other new members might not know about to help rise you up the ranks.. We will do that with instant league updates, give you tips on building your player the way you want and the best part is we'll be by your wide every step of the way! Our locker room is super chill so we wont flood you with any unnecessary notifications or bug you to update, we are all here to have fun and to be the best you have to take one step at a time. Also there's plenty of room for you to fit into a role for us and become a leader if you use Discord.


The contract I want to offer you will consist of 3rd line minutes and you will be a very offensive minded player with strategies but if you decide to be defensive that'll help too, line combinations are released everyday and are usually updated frequently so expect more chances down the road with different linemates and position changes, can't have the same setup for too long. We are currently fighting for a home seed in the playoffs so we are inches away from a 3rd cup, you could be the difference maker!! :ott:





->Are interested in the contract above and want to sign with one of the best franchises in recent years? It's simple.. Just quote this message with a #GOLYNXGO and a contract will arrive shortly!! 

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Credit to Zetterberg


Hi @Flarisper, welcome to the VHL! I'm nurx, the AGM of the Miami Marauders. This season, the Marauders are looking to compete for a cup. We're still filling out our core, so that means we can offer you a botton 4 pairing and special teams minutes.  The Marauders are historically a very successful franchise, having won 2 championships in the last 5 seasons, despite only becoming a franchise fairly recently. Our discord locker room has lots of new players like yourself as well as successful alumni to help you on your journey. Quote this post with 'Dropping the Anchor!' if you want to join the Miami Marauders.


Good luck with your career!

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Welcome @Flarisper

I am Daniel Janser, the GM of the Mississauga Hounds in the VHLM. @Ente2997 is my AGM. We are a franchise in a rebuild phase and we can offer you a bottom four spot.


The Hounds encourage locker room activity and the management and the Alumni are always willing to help to develop your player. We encourage you to build the player as you imagine him to be, but also offer assistance if you are at a loss how to achieve your preferred build.


If you want to be part of this rebuild/project and we could attract your interest, please quote this message and add #releasethehounds. We will send you an invitation to our discord channel (this is not mandatory but helps enormously with communication) and a contract which kindly accept in order to join us.


Whatever team you decide to join, we wish you best of luck and more importantly lots of fun with Kieran Kell.


Daniel Janser

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