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Dreams of titles - Dream teams continues?


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All-Time Prague Phantoms Dream team:




(S70 – S71) Brick Wahl II

119 games – 60W – 42L -15OTL – 2.29sa – 0.924 sav% - 11 SO

At first I actually over looked this tender since I was looking at all the career stats and this tender wasn`t at the top of all the stats due to only spending two season with the team but his time with the team was simple dominate. His final season seen him win the Greg Clegane Trophy, Brett Slobodzian Trophy, Aidan Shaw Trophy, Dustin Funk Trophy and Scotty Campbell Trophy with a 33-21-9 season, 1.97ga and 0.931sav%.  



(S68 – S75) Wolf Stansson Jr (@Cornholio)

576 games - 110 goals - 336 assist - 446 points

Big defender at 6`8” was a key aspect of the team defence from Season 68 to Season 75 playing all five hundred and seventy-six games with the Phantoms. Stansson Jr at the moment of selecting this team sits fourth overall in the team history in points all the while being a primer two way defender as he leads the franchise in shots-blocked. Has already been honored as his Jersey was retired by the team.



(S76 - S81) Battre Sandstrom (@Acydburn)

432 games - 108 goals – 333 assist – 441 points

Biggest mistake ever made by the current GM Acydburn in trading way an franchise player of Sandstrom caliber. Traded away to Riga this past off season Sandstorm clearly left his mark on the Prague Phantom Franchise in four hundred and thirty-two games for the team put up impressive point per game pace with four hundred and forty-one points. He would have easily have surpassed Stansson Jr totals and most likely would have been known as Prague best offensive defender for years to come but Cap space issues seen the player traded away with two more season remaining in is career.




(S71 – S78) Thomas Landry II (@Doomsday)

576 games – 265 goals – 335 assists – 600 points

This is Laundry II team and has always been since he joined the Phantom back in season seventy-one as a rookie. While he only put up a hundred points once in his career his overall consistency, leadership and tenacity will have this player remembered as the greatest player to lace up the skate with the Phantoms. Future HOF? Unlikely sadly due to the lack of individual or team awards. He leads almost every Phantom Career category from games played (576), Goals scored (265), second in assist only to Stansson Jr (335) and Points overall (600pts). These numbers will be hard for anyone to pass in the future.



(S76 – S81) Dominic Gobeil (@Dom)

432 games – 224 goals – 259 assists – 483 points

Consistency was the key to this players career as he managed around a point per game per season since joining the Phantoms back in season seventy-six and this wasn`t at all hurt by the players being managed by the newly announced AGM meaning he also played up the line-up in the first three seasons. His best season was his last season with a impressive fifty-six goals and fifty-two assist for his one and only season about one hundred points. He currently sits second amongst the Prague Phantoms in goals scored (224*), Seventh in all-time assists (259) and third in all-time points (483). His retirement left a hole in the roster and cut the head off the two headed snake of Gobeil and Bouchard that Prague had been using since drafting both players in season seventy-five.



(S76 – Current) Robert Bouchard (@Guikoku-hito)

474 games – 221 goals – 318 assists – 539 points

Weird to be adding your own player to this list but it is what it is. He had a very slow start to his career after leading the VHLM for most of the season seventy-five before finish third overall in points that season. He came to Prague with such high promise and after leading Philadelphia to the Championship was really expected to do much of the same with the Phantoms. His forty-four points was to say the least unimpressive, while playing down the line-up in the third center role but he would steadily improve his production to a steady point per game pace by his third season. He would then finally start leading the team starting four years after being drafted with first an ninety-seven point campaign followed since by two one hundred points seasons. He is currently Third in goals (221*) On-pace for 238 (2nd), fourth all-time assist (318*) On-pace for 343(1st) and second all-time points (539) On-pace for 581. If he continues his current pace this will be the third consecutive season with one hundred points.   


Here is Prague Phantoms current dream team.   

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