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Masu's Dream Team

Masu Chan

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Masu's Dream Team


Team Name: Hamilton Steel

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Credit to @Zetterberg for making this logo for the Junior Showcase team.


The reason why I'd use this logo and team name is due to Hamilton being referred to as the Steel capital of Canada. Or so I've heard at least. Apparently 60% of Canada's Steel production came from Hamilton, not sure how accurate those numbers are today but I've always loved this logo and in this scenario I'd like to use it.




Line 1


Leftwing: (S81) Mason Jones

Center: (S81) Daniel Janser

Rightwing: (S78) Alex Johnston


Reason: This First Line would be a young line that would play with one another for many seasons to come. They also consist of My player as well as some of the players I have gotten along with most so far in my career and I think it'd be fun to play alongside them.


Line 2


Left Wing: (S79) Jerome Reinhart

Center: (S75) Taro Tsujimoto-

Right Wing: (S75) Dan Dan


Reason: This line consists of the current top point producers in the league. Putting them here on the second line would mean they'd be up against weaker competition and would make up most of the point production should the first line not be as successful as I think it'd be.


Line 3


Left Wing: (S61) Matt Thompson

Center: (S61) Podrick Cast

Right Wing: (S75) Justin Lose


Reason: I think it'd be interesting to bring back some of the top point producers the league has ever seen since S50 on top of that Justin Lose is a future HOF player in my mind so he slots in perfectly as an active player to play alongside these legends.


Line 4


Left Wing: (S81) Zaza Colors

Center: (S78) Darth Kaprizov

Right Wing: (S80) Nils Godlander


Reason: This line would be a top line on any team. No matter which season it is, I have no doubt all of these players could score 100+ points. On top of all that these future hall of famers would be around the league for many years and would continue to grow.


Defensive Pair 1


Right Defense: (S82) Brandon Skuin 

Left Defense: (S81) Cadmael Ixazaluoh 


Reason: These two are two of the players I have gotten along with most in this position. I am currently on a team with Skuin and I know how important he is on the PK. Ixazaluoh on the other hand is a dominant force all around and will one day be a top defender in the VHL.


Defensive Pair 2


Right Defense: (S81) Hulk Hogan 2

Left Defense: (S79) Rhys Trenton


Reason: Both these defenders are very high point producers and would be in the league for a long time. They'd be able to make up for any defense the first pair lacks.


Defensive Pair 3


Right Defense: (S83) Siyan Yasilievich 

Left Defense: (S82) Bobby Rockwell


Reason: These are two of my best defenders in Philadelphia with the Reapers. I had them on the same team when I was General Manager of the Steel in the junior showcase. If I had the choice I would never split up the two and I'd be very interested to see how they develop alongside one another.




Starter: (S78) Tobias Reinhart

Backup: (S82) Red Gaming


Reason: Tobias is a Reapers legend and a future teammate in Riga alongside my player. Red Gaming is a future Reapers HOF inductee and will be a great addition to the team. They'd have the opportunity to learn under Reinhart and I think the two would benefit greatly from that experience.


Thank you for reading and I am excited to see what everyone thinks of this team.


Wordcount: 615


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