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Hockey question


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Ok, I was just watching Steve’s Hat Picks and saw Patty Kane score from behind the net and this question popped into my head. If you played hockey, what would be your most memorable highlight? That’s the question.


Since I asked, let me start off. My Junior year high school I started to play Men’s Hockey with local park district. I was not allowed to play high school hockey because I was 18. I never been held back in school. The park district had 2 leagues. A “H League,” which was a house league that hat 4 levels H1-H4, and a “C League,” competitive league, C1-C3. The director of hockey placed me in H1, the higher level house league. I played for 10 games with them, scoring over 23 goals. Then the director though I was doing to good and decided to throw me into a C1 team that no one thought will make playoffs. I wasn’t doing as well, only scoring 5 goals in 17 games. But that team made it to playoffs just barely and we actually made it to the finals. The finals were best out of 5 and we were tied 2-2. In the final game, with 3 minutes left in the game we were loosing 6-5 and we were on a penalty kill. The team captain called a time out and out me into the game, the puck draw was in the offensive zone for us. We won the draw and a just straight blasted the puck past the goalie, tying the game. 1 minute before end of game one of our defensemen gets a penalty. The other team calls the time out. The captain tells everyone he is going to pull the goalie and I will be going in. We won the face off and the defense dumped the puck. I get out there and bust my ass to get to the puck. I didn’t make it but I managed to strip the puck off of the defensemen and dump it back in. After chasing after it, it was just me and 3 defensemen behind the net, we were right by the trapezoid area and none of my team mates were there. So, I decided to send it and hope for the best. Some how it went in and no one but me saw that, so I was the only one celebrating until ref noticed it and blew the whistle. We ended up winning because of that. So, that was my most memorable highlight.


The following season I shattered a Talus bone on my right ankle and never play again. That was 8 years ago.

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