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PJ Daniels - Junior Review


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First of all, I want to thank Daniel Jensen for giving me a chance to at-least shine on the Junior Showcase Tournament. Without him, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be on the Las Vegas Aces. I told him that I will miss him because usually, your first mentor is your deepest connection. Fortunately, I have even a better General Manager and "mentor" here in Las Vegas but that's not the point. The experience that he gave me and the patience he had with me were next to none. Although, he didn't have a lot of time to have a conversation with me he did show me the way and started my path to the VHL. I didn't play games at first mostly because I didn't know what was going on but when I started to ask more questions I was more inquisitive. He saw that I was interested in producing and being productive on the team. He started me on the wing. I did have some incredible moments with the team and we were so close to the finals but we fell short to Team Cube and Team Warriors. It was a heartbreaking loss because we thought we could win it all in that locker room but we didn't. Nevertheless, this was the start of my VHLM career and although I didn't have enough guidance at the time this was my last goodbye to my General Manager. The idea of being drafted after spending valuable time and blending with this team put a scary thought in my head. What if I had more situations? What if conflicts ended in catastrophe? What if I wasted my career? Those were the questions I kept asking myself and kept reminiscing about. I got to talk with the owners of the VHL and that calmed my mind but leaving my General Manager (Daniel Jensen) just didn't sit right with me at all. In the playoffs, I played four games, had 0 goals but 1 assist, 1 point, 1 shot, and 4 penalties. Probably I was a hot-head then. Hockey is a very competitive and tense sport so I did lose my cool more times than I should've but could you possibly blame me? Before the playoffs, I had played 14 games and scored 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 points, and 8 shots. I had a way better +/- ratio as well. But to sum it all up, it was not only an experience that kick-started my career in the VHL but it was an experience that showed how kind the world could be if you asked questions.

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Everyone here just wants you to succeed, so never be afraid to ask if you wonder about something. Seeing a new member shoot up to the top of the weekly TPE leaderboards, like you did this week, is really exactly what we all want to see. Even if your GM isn't available for whatever reason there's always plenty of people around who would be happy to help. Though you've had the fortune of having two grade A GMs in your short career thus far.


The dedication and work you've put in has not gone unnoticed, and it will certainly show in where you are projected to go in both the VHL and VHLE draft. So keep asking, keep learning and keep up the good work.

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Everyone here has a huge learning curve when we first start and asking questions is a great way to bridge the knowledge gaps. Even after you think you have learned the natural flow to the league someone will mention something in the locker room that you might have never even expected. The Key is ask and ask some more. You are not bugging anyone since we have all been there learning. I just retired my first player and I am still learning about the VHL and the league as a whole. Don`t expect to learning everything all at once since you won`t so think baby steps and ask questions; most will be willing to help and we all want you to be successful (unless we are playing against you!! Bad joke!!)


It is always nice to see players earning and completing career tasks.

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