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Scouting Report - P.J. Daniels

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Name: Phineas Jasper Daniels

Position: Left Wing

Height: 6’4"

Weight: 168 lbs.

Age: 16

Handedness: Right

Country of Birth: Austria

Las Vegas Aces winger Phineas Jasper Daniels has gotten better and better every single game. As of right now, he has 7 goals and 14 assists with 21 points and an 8 +/- ratio. He is improving every day and that comes with his hard work and ethic. He was drafted 61st in Season 82 by the Las Vegas Aces who had an interest in him. He is truly proving that he can become one of the top wingers in the VHL he continues this work ethic. As for the team, they are 19-24 in 46 games played. They are 7th in the VHLM and 4th in their division. It doesn't sound the best but there's room for effort as the locker room is happy with the status and the progression of the team. As a General Manager, that's the best you could probably ask for in a team. But what makes PJ Daniels so spectacular? 



(Shooting) - It starts with his diverse shooting. Although he struggled at the start of his career he has suited into that LW role and shown he can be a deadly winger when needed. With just 7 goals this season and a double against the league-leading Reapers, he's red-hot and he's looking for more. 


(Defense) - You know what they say, "defense wins championships." He's understood the memo perfectly and is putting that into action. As a winger, you need to know how to not just be a lethal scorer on offense but be a lethal disruptor on defense. When you can manage both sides of the floorball, you can be anything. 


(Puck-Handling) - The handles are getting smoother and smoother. Ball-control is key especially when skating on balance. You need to know how to handle possessions and how to maneuver the ball on counter-attacks because the puck is way smaller than any object on the floor. Which makes it so special. I believe he can master this move by the time he gets to the VHL. 



(Penalty-Shot) - It's something that's more common with the veterans on the team but if he wants to make a stand and show he can lead a team to championships he has to learn how to master this trait. Perhaps, he can calm his nerves and truly stick that puck into the net with experience. 


(Passing) - This game isn't just a one-man team. If there's something that can complement Puck-Handling easily it's the passing aspect. You need to learn how to be unselfish. He was never taught that when he came to the VHL but now that he knows it's going to become useful in many tight games he will play through his career. 


(Strength) - The power and the pace to truck your defenders are impeccable. You feel like King Kong out there on a hockey floor. It's really important because if your balance isn't good enough you will trip. You might even embarrass yourself or get a season-ending injury (not that I wish that on myself) but it's really important to at least try to build some muscle. Not the fake way, the real way. 


Projection - Could be in the HoF by Season 87.


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