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Russia on the attack. Expansion or a multi team? BOG stays silent


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Russia has attacked Ukraine. The whole world is watching. Nobody knows what happens in the future. However, we can still speculate on what all this means for VHL. Sources close to Moscow have stated that Russian leadership sees having just one team in VHL as ''not enough''. Moscow Menace is one of the better teams in VHL, but increasing the number of Russian teams in VHL to two could be viewed as a significant step in improving the status of Russian hockey in VHL. Meanwhile, analysts, fans, and people around the world seem to anonymously agree that starting a full-blown attack and war to force expansion is not the way to do any kind of expansion. Some critics online have stated that there might not even be an expansion. Rumour circling online suggests that Moscow is interested in adding a second Moscow Menace closer to other teams to lower the traveling time and costs. Such stories have received stern criticism from fans back in Russia. An anonymous source near Moscow states that adding a second Moscow Menace would be against the rules as the team could be viewed as a ''multi''.

BOG has not released any statement regarding the expansion and multi rumors.


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